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Dancing the Sacred Wheel:
A Journey through the Southern Sabbats

Specifically written for the Southern Hemisphere, Dancing the Sacred Wheel: A Journey through the Southern Seasons provides a guide through the eight traditional Pagan seasonal celebrations while challenging the reader to consider why certain elements are included in their seasonal rites.

Australian customers can obtain autographed copies through Paypal. If you reside outside Australia, you can order your copy through all Amazon stores as well as Createspace.com. Ebook version is also available.

In Her Sacred Name:
Writings on the Divine Feminine

From historical evidence of the Sacred She through to modern day worship, this book contains a collection of essays about various aspects of the divine feminine as well as providing suggestions of how to work with and establish your own personal relationship with the Goddess in the modern age.

Autographed copies are available direct from the author or you can order a copy through all Amazon stores as well as Createspace.com. Ebook version is also available.

LunaNoire Creations

Devotional beads in honour of Kuan Yin available in amethyst, green jade and rose quartz combinations with genuine lotus seeds.

The use of devotional beads date back to at least the 3rd century BCE and even today are used by numerous traditions. Known as rosaries, mala, misbaha and even worry beads, they are often used in prayer and meditation practices.

LunaNoire Creations offers an array of specifically handcrafted devotional rosaries, from Goddess Moon rosaries to devotional beads for a specific deity.

Druid Prayer Beads reflecting the three Druidic realms of land, sea and sky.  Completed with four Druidic charms.

An assortment of crystal bracelets are also available through LunaNoire Creations such as this one dedicated to the Celtic Triple Goddess. Also available are bracelets to regain personal power, increase psychic sensitivity, help deal with depression and anxiety, as well as birthing and chakra bracelets. We also make to order.


Who We Sponsor and Support


"The Wytch's Circle" is specifically designed to cater for those who have some knowledge about magick, Wicca and Wytchcraft and who would like to put this knowledge into practice, as well as those who are seeking to gain a solid foundation upon which to base their own magickal and spiritual practice, or even a desire to learn new skills.

Held over eight lessons, each taking place on a fortnightly basis, the emphasis contained within "The Wytch's Circle" is placed on working ritual and crafting magick from a solid knowledge base that encompasses the magickal, the mystical, the psychological, and the spiritual. This is done within a group format in order to create a magickal egregore that will subsequently enable each participate to tap into the true concept of "walking between the worlds".

The various teachings, rituals as well as magickal and metaphysical techniques, taught within "The Wytch's Circle" are drawn form the same sources that form the basis of the Temple of the Dark Moon's own teachings - that being traditional Wicca, traditional Craft and Hermetic (ceremonial) magick. This provides the participant with a basic knowledge base should they desire to apply for membership within the Temple of the Dark Moon.

While this circle is not necessarily a "101" circle, basis material is included to ensure that each student (regardless of prior experience) obtains a solid foundation upon which they can base their own magickal and spiritual practice. Participants also learn how to open themselves up to the Wiccan Mysteries through personal experiences. Much of the knowledge provided throughout this course can only be obtained through experience and personal dedication to the magickal arts and cannot actually be found in books. It is for this reason that this course is taught solely under the guidance of our experienced High Priestess.

At the conclusion of "The Wytch's Circle", participants may be invited to attend circles with the Temple of the Dark Moon's own Inner Court in order for them to further develop their practical experience. Where vacancies occur, they may also be invited to join the Temple's Outer Court, where they will work their way towards entering the Inner Court.

Investment: $20.00 per circle - discount of $140.00 if paid in full.

Commencement Date: Thursday, 19 February 2015 (Thursday evenings, 7.30pm to 9.30pm - to be held on a fortnightly basis).

Registrations Close: 10 February 2015.
(Strictly no registrations are accepted after this date)

Registration form for "The Wytch's Circle" can be downloaded here. All registration forms must contain either $40.00 deposit or payment of course in full.

Payment by Paypal is the preferred method of payment. Alternatively for direct deposit, please contact us.

The Wytch's Circle 2015

This training circle will take place at the Temple's covenstead. There will be a limited number of positions available. This is because we provide each student with virtually personal one-on-one instruction.

Quality is a key factor to all training offered by the
Temple of the Dark Moon.

Comments from previous students:

"For anyone considering this i do recommend it. i have participated in this course, even though i have been practicing for years, i have learned so many new and different things which has expanded my sense of who i am as a witch and how i practice. the energy of working in group is amazing and this was the first time i had really experienced it. it completely cracked open some barriers i had to the use of my own power, i didnt even realise i had barriers at all. its a very relaxed and energising experience and no matter how tired you are when you walk in you walk out calm relaxed but energised. its been fabulous Frances, Thank you again for Sharing your wisdom and knowledge.
bb - Deb )O("

"Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with me during the Wytch's Circle. In many ways this course has 'kick-started' me on my Wiccan path, providing a solid foundation of traditional practices from which I can build. Looking forward to staying in touch and undertaking more of your training in the future. Thank again. Blessings, Tim"

For more information, contact the Temple of the Dark Moon or write to us at PO Box 2451, SALISBURY DOWNS SA 5108.

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