The Wytch’s Circle

This intensive six week course is a pre-requisite to the Temple of the Dark Moon’s Outer Court training circle. However, the course material will also be of great benefit to those wishing to enhance their own solitary practice.

Throughout the six weeks, a strong emphasis is placed on both theory as well as practical application. Detailed notes are provided throughout the course and as lectures usually relate to information contained in previous weeks, it is important that prospective students are able to commit themselves to 100% attendance to obtain maximum benefit from this course.**

The main objective of The Wytch’s Circle is to go beyond normal 101 instruction, where the aim is to provide and set a solid foundation with respect to the practices of contemporary Wytchcraft, regardless of whether the student wishes to join a working group or remain a solitary practitioner. This foundation is provided through invaluable personal experience with respect to ritual workings and spellcasting.

The detailed and extensive notes provided within this course also inform the student of much “behind the scenes” information, thus providing detailed instruction as to the “what”, “why” and “how” when it comes to magickal operations – both in relation to ritual workings as well as spellcrafting. This, coupled with personal experience, enables the student to confidently take what they require from the course in order to enhance their own personal practice in a manner what best resonates with them.

This course also teaches students how to open themselves up to the sacred Mysteries within contemporary Wytchcraft through personal experiences. Much of the knowledge provided throughout this course can only be obtained through experience and personal dedication to the magickal arts and cannot actually be found in books. It is for this reason that this course is taught solely under the guidance of our experienced High Priestess.

Topics covered within this course include:
:: Ethics and philosophies within contemporary Wytchcraft.
:: The traditions which the Temple of the Dark Moon aligns itself and their relevance.
:: The vision of Deity and Cosmology.
:: Creating a sacred space and working ritual through practical experience.
:: Elemental Realms, spell and ritual crafting, correspondences.
:: The Southern Wheel of the Year – the sacred festivals within contemporary Wytchcraft as how they relate to the Southern Hemisphere.

and much more.

Within the practical element of this course, students gain first hand experience with:
:: Circle casting.
:: Energy raising and directing.
:: Working in ritual with others.
:: Understanding the power of chant and vibration.
:: Meditation, mind control and visualisation.
:: An introduction to the Qabalistic Tree of Life.

and much more.

The material provided within this course incorporates contemporary Wytchcraft, Qabalah and ceremonial magick – the three traditions central to the practice of the Temple of the Dark Moon.

It should be pointed out that NO material that is considered to be oath bound is provided within this course.

At the conclusion of this course, students will be invited to attend a series of “open circles” with the Temple of the Dark Moon’s Inner Court in order for them to further develop their practical experience. Where vacancies occur, they may also be invited to join the Temple’s Outer Court, where they will work their way towards entering the Inner Court.

CommencingCurrently there is no future course available due to the revamping of Gathering Around the Cauldron.
Registrations Close:
TBA. (strictly no registrations are accepted after this date)
: $180 (includes 100+ paged book) – payment to be received via the Paypal link given below for either full payment or payment plan (to be paid in full by start date.

*NB: Upon registering for this course all prospective students are agreeing to commit themselves to 100% attendance (within reason).