Bringing the Training to You

Since 1999 Frances Billinghurst has been running workshops and courses on all things magickal, mythological, and metaphysical, three main interests in her life.  From an early age she has been fascinated with global mythology which led to her studying Celtic mythology for three years and undertaking a “Celtic Sacred Sites” tour in 1994.  She holds a Certificate IV Training & Assessment, has tutored adults through the WEA Adult Learning as well as English as a Second Language home tutoring programme, and since 2003 has presented lectures at national as well as international conferences.

The magickally orientated workshops that Frances has been running since 1999 have included:
:: Introduction to Wicca and Modern Paganism (an overview of modern Pagan practices today),
:: The Wytch’s Circle (a five to eight part course that provides an introduction of contemporary Wytchcraft),
:: The Wytch’s Year (working with the sacred “Wheel of the Year” seasonal festivals),
:: The Wytch’s Round (spell and magic crafting around the seasonal tides that make up the “Wheel of the Year”),
:: Introduction to Ceremonial Magick (based around various rituals as taught by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn),
:: Egyptian Heka (working with Egyptian styled magick),
:: Making of a Wytch’s Bottle (practical workshop where a wytch’s protection bottle is made),
:: Making of an Attraction Doll (practical workshop where an attraction doll or poppet is made),
:: Climbing the Tree of Life (introduction to working with the Qabalah and in particular the glyph referred to as the “Tree of Life” within ceremonial magick), and
:: Spells, Amulets and Talismans (exploring various spell crafting techniques as well as the making of amulets and talismans.

The Goddess focused workshops that Frances has been running have included:
:: Embracing the Goddess (an introduction to the concept of the Divine Feminine),
:: Celtic Queens and Warrior Goddesses (exploring both factual as well as fictional characters),
:: Healing with Hathor (exploring the various aspects of the Egyptian Goddess Hathor in order to celebrate her aspects within our own selves),
:: Exploring the Magick of Egyptian Goddesses (an introduction to nine Egyptian Goddesses),
:: Brighid’s Sacred Fires of Healing and Transformation (working with the Celtic Goddess (saint) Brighid in order to heal and transform our lives), and
:: her ever popular Encountering the Dark Goddess.

More mythological based workshops have included The Land between Two Rivers (explores a selection of Gods and Goddesses from ancient Mesopotamia), Land of the Pharaohs (explores a selection of Gods and Goddesses from Egyptian mythology), Ladies of Avalon and King Arthur’s Court (an exploration of the many female characters who appear within the Arthurian legend), and Call of the Wild God (the Pagan God of the forests and wild places).

All current workshops and courses can be found under the Practical Crafting or Training Available tabs

With her interest in metaphysics since her late teens, Frances runs all metaphysically orientated workshops through the Isian Centre of Metaphysics, and over the years these have included:
:: Chakra Balancing and Activation (an inner journey through the seven major chakras using visualisation, sonic vibration and postures for balancing and activation),
:: Esoteric Numerology (an eight part course working through numbers that appear in one’s birth date as well as the equivalent of birth and other names),
:: Expanding Your Conscious Self (a six part course exploring metaphysics, intuitive development and soul evolution)
Manifesting and Living Your Dreams (practical workshop where a vision board is made and “activated”),
:: The Power of Crystals (learn how to harness the power and energy of crystals in order to revitalise your life),
:: Metaphysics (focusing on the theosophical belief of the evolution of the soul and what this means in the modern world)
:: Sacred Journeying (exploring techniques of realising and developing one’s innate psychic abilities),
:: Exploring Totem Animals (a journey through the four animal kingdoms in order to discover your own personal totem animals and animal guides),
:: Mystical Matters (exploring age-old techniques that the mystics and shamans of old used with respect to aiding and improving the lives of those around them), and
:: Entering the Dreamscape (exploring the secret meanings of dreams).

Frances has also been running various meditation groups since 2007 through the Isian Centre of Metaphysics.

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