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"Keep pure your highest ideals. Strive ever towards them, Let nothing stop you nor turn you aside ..."
- Doreen Valiente

The arrival of Summer is around the corner

The Temple of the Dark Moon was originally established in 1999 in Adelaide, South Australia in order to provide accurate information on Paganism (in particular traditional Wicca and Wytchcraft), and magick with respect to the Southern Hemisphere.

Since those early beginnings, the Temple has developed into an actual working group that aligns itself with a unique combination of Alexandrian Wicca, ceremonial magick and traditional Craft. Our Inner Circle also explores other spiritual teachings and occult workings with the view of providing each member with as much personal experience as possible.

We describe ourselves as being a "progressive" Alexandrian based coven in that we perceive Traditional Wicca (TW or more commonly known as "British Traditional Wicca", BTW) to be a continually evolving Mystery tradition. We believe in the true spirit of the Wiccan Rede, as well as operating under the axiom of "Perfect Love and Perfect Trust", and observing the hierarchal based protocols. We also adhere to the balance of both divine masculine and divine feminine energies, and therefore honour both the God and Goddess within our rites.

As we are a working coven, we do not permit casual observances to our rites unless it is deemed appropriate and even then, this is by strict invite only. We do, however, offer public Full Moon Gatherings during the Winter months as well as training through various mediums which are run when time permits or vacancies within the Inner Court allow. Details of such training can be found under the Training Available page.

When it comes to the Wiccan degree system, we acknowledge these as "benchmarks" with respect to spiritual training for those seeking priesthood instruction only. This means that we also acknowledge that such training may not be the calling for all members within the Inner Court, and for those whose desire is not to be trained as such, we respect their decision. Spiritual evolution is, after all, an individual process and within the Temple of the Dark Moon we welcome input from all members equally.

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The dark phase of the Moon is traditionally the last three days of the lunar cycle, immediately preceding the New Moon, and the time when the night sky is notably absent the presence of the Moon.

Demetra George, in her ground breaking book Mysteries of the Dark Moon, The Healing Power of the Dark Goddess (Harper San Francisco, 1992) noted that in the earliest mythologies and traditions, night was given precedence over day, and the Moon was revered over the lesser Sun. George further noted that: “The earliest peoples understood that the power of life lay in the darkness of the moon. The purpose of the dark phase of any cycle is that of transition between the death of the old and the birth of the new. The dark time is a time of retreat, of healing, and of dreaming of the future. That is, the fallow times preceding outbursts of creativity and growth.”

Further, in occult thought, the dark phase of the Moon often represented the subconscious level of our being, and it is at this level that the hidden or forgotten knowledge that has been passed down through the ages, can be found.

It is for these reasons that the Temple decided on the name "Temple of the Dark Moon", to act as a guide for those seeking the forgotten knowledge of ages past.

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The Temple of the Dark Moon's founder and High Priestess is Frances Billinghurst, who has been interested in and has studied various aspects of Paganism, metaphysics and the occult for most of her life. It was in fact her initial interest in metaphysics and spiritual theosophy in the late 1980s that led her to investigate the occult sciences further.

Frances is an initiated 3rd Degree Wytch and High Priestess of Traditional Wicca, and holds an honourary 6th Temple Adeptus degree and Charter with the Ordrine Scatere Stellae (teaching the later magickal workings of Alex Sanders, from the 1980s prior to his death in 1988). She is also trained in Hermetic/ceremonial magick and has an interest in traditional Wytchcraft (ie, non-Gardnerian) as well as Goddess spiritual practices. In 2007 she received a Green Tara empowerment from Her Eminence Jetsun Kushok Rinpoche.

She founded the Temple of the Dark Moon in 1999 and since 2000, Frances's involvement in Paganism and the Craft has been a full one, taking up much of her personal time, and often placing her in the public arena. As such, Frances has appeared in the local Adelaide newspaper, The Sunday Mail, The Age and also The Messenger.

From 2000 to 2006, Frances held the position of Secretary for the Pagan Alliance Inc (South Australia) which involved her actively campaigning for Pagan rights with respect to the use of knives that are used within various Pagan traditions, as well as discrimination on the grounds of religion. Frances continues to provide service to the local community by hosting various free events (including Full Moon Gatherings and public picnics) as well as other public speaking engagements.

A prolific writer, Frances was the longest running contributor for Australia's No.1 alternative lifestyle magazine, Insight, with her column running from 2002 until the magazine's demise in September 2012. Her articles have appeared in numerous other publications since 1998 including Pagan Times, Witchcraft, Spellcraft and Magick (Aus), The Cauldron (UK), Rainbow News (NZ), Circle, New Witch and SageWoman (USA) and the 2008 Llewellyn's Witches Calendar. She has also written for ezines such as Magickal Light, Goddess Guru, Avalon and Mundi Axis.

Since 2012 Frances has been contributing towards anthologies which have includedUnto Herself: An Anthology in Honour of Independent Goddesses, Witchy Magic, The Faerie Queens, Queen of Olympos: A Devotional Anthology for Hera and Iuno and A Mantle of Stars: A Devotional for the Queen of Heaven. Frances also has writings in a number of anthologies yet to be published including Memento Mori (Vol II), Pagan Prayer Project, Shield of Wisdom: A Devotional Anthology in Honour of Athena and By Blood, Bone and Claw: A Devotional Anthology to the Morrigan.

November 2012 saw the release of Frances's own book, Dancing the Sacred Wheel: A Journey through the Southern Sabbats which was sold out only eight months later. Due to the difficulty in finding a suitable publisher to take over the future printing, the second edition of Dancing the Sacred Wheel is about to be re-released via Createspace in early June 2014, with limited number of autographed copies available from the author.

Pre-orders can now be made through Paypal for Australian customers only at this stage, with our on-line store opening in early June 2014 for all international customers.

Over the years, Frances has presented lectures, ran workshops and led rituals at numerous events including:

  • 2003: New Zealand Pagan Festival (led the opening ritual with Chief Druid, Philip Carr-Gomm)

  • 2009: Australian Wiccan Conference (Adelaide)

  • 2010: New Zealand Pagan Festival (led the opening and closing rituals with occult philosopher, Ramsay Dukes)

  • 2010: Australian Goddess Conference (Gold Coast)

  • 2011: Theosophical Society (Adelaide)

  • 2011: The Goddess Gathering (Gaia's Garden, Melbourne)

  • 2011: Australian Wiccan Conference (Tasmania)

  • 2012: Cosmic Pages (Adelaide)

  • 2012: New Dimensions/Theosophical Society (Adelaide)

  • 2013-2014: Workers Education Association (Adelaide).

When she is not presenting workshops or preparing study notes for her students, Frances enjoys painting, reading, learning how to garden in the harsh Adelaide climate, and focusing on writing her next book. Due to her extensive knowledge in ritual and spellcrafting, Frances also makes these services available.

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For more information, contact the Temple of the Dark Moon or write to us at PO Box 2451, SALISBURY DOWNS SA 5108.

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