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As membership within the Temple of the Dark Moon continues to expand, we have found it necessary to operate both an Inner Court as well as an Outer Court. As the Inner Court is a close knit dedicated working group, operating on the Wiccan axiom of "Perfect Love and Perfect Trust", a high level of trust and commitment must be shown by all attendees. It is important to point out that we are not a "weekend coven" - we are a collective of serious magickal practitioners each following our own individual spiritual path.


The Outer Court of the Temple of the Dark Moon consists of those who have at least undertaken training with the Temple, either through completing The Wytch's Circle course or similar in order that they have a basic understanding of how the Temple operates.

  • They are able to attend esbats (both public and private), are invited to camps, social events, as well as specialised rituals where deemed appropriate.

  • They are also invited to attend the Temple's "open" circle which occurs once a month.

  • Depending on the level of magickal/spiritual aptitude, they may be invited to the Dark Moon circles.

The overall objective of an Outer Court member is to continue their study with the Temple of the Dark Moon, aiming towards “Dedication” into the Temple's Inner Court. The study provided within the Outer Court is classified as “Level II” which assumes that student already has had some basic introduction of Wicca, ritual and magickal workings. Aside from regular attendance of “Open Circles”, which helps establish the desired level of commitment necessary to be considered for entry into the Inner Court, the student will be provided with a series of assignments that are based around the “Level II” instruction as well as prescribed texts.

The minimum length of time to move from the Outer Court to the Inner Court is six months. If a student has not shown interest in going the Inner Court or has progressed in their individual study to suggest same after a period of nine months, their commitment to the Temple’s teachings and direction may be discussed and it may be suggested that they become a “friend” of the Temple instead.

Further information of what is required from an Outer Court member is provided upon acceptance into the Outer Court Circle.

Wisteria graces the Temple's
outside circle


The Inner Court consists of those who have decided that the teachings and traditions of the Temple are in accordance with their own spiritual and magickal development and therefore have dedicated themselves to the Temple.

  • They take active roles in esbats and other specialised rituals, as well as assisting in the organisation of camps and social events wherever needed.

  • They regularly attend all "open" circles as well as specific Inner Court circles.

  • They attend and take an active role in the Dark Moon Circles, including ritual construction.

  • They have full access to the Temple's library and resources.

  • Those wishing to undertake priesthood training are provided with suitable study notes to enable them to obtain the necessary knowledge with respect to initiations.

The overall objective of an Inner Court member is two fold – to undertake the training necessary to enter the Wiccan priesthood which is provided through the degree system, or to remain as a valued member of the Inner Court whereby they can naturally progress to the status of “Temple Elder” or mentor over time. Depending on experience, Inner Court members may also be involved in the running of various coven rituals and events. Whilst assignments on various “Level III” subjects are provided, Inner Court members are encouraged to also undertake their own study in certain areas, and if so desired, encouraged to share their discoveries with other Temple members.

Similarly to the Outer Court Circle, additional information of what is required from an Inner Court member of the Temple of the Dark Moon is provided upon acceptance into the Inner Court Circle.


The Temple of the Dark Moon also acknowledges "friends". These are people who either personal acquaintances of the Temple's HPs who may follow their own magickal and/or spiritual path, or those who have undertaken some degree of training with the Temple but who desire to pursue their own spiritual path. “Friends” may also include someone who has found they need to take a “sabbatical” from the Temple (for whatever reason) or who are not able to commit themselves to the Temple’s study programme and provide assignments at the desired standard.

We acknowledge that life does tend to get out of control at times and despite a person’s desire to belong to a group, that the structure of the Temple may not suit everyone. We do not “cast aside” people who cannot schedule their lives around our training programme – we like to include them wherever possible. However, should disrespect to shown towards the Temple in general or members therein, steps deemed appropriate by collective agreement of the Inner Court will be undertaken.

“Friends” are invited to "open" circles, Full Moon gatherings and other social events organized by the Temple, and must attend a minimum of five such events per calendar year in order to keep this status.

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