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It seems to be a trend in modern society to only give when something is expected in return. But in reality, things do not always work that way. Sometimes it is important to simply give for the sake of giving - and to realise that at times the most we can expect to receive is the knowing that even in some little way our objective is to help created a better world for all.

For the most part, little acts of kindness does not cost much nor take up too much of our "precious time" - we can recycle, reuse and watch water and food wastage. We can replant and regenerate Mother Earth. And it does not matter how "hard done by" we may be, more than likely somewhere in the world there is someone worse off than us.

A thought: If every man, woman and child in Australia donated just one dollar towards a charity, imagine what a difference that would bring. And what if that donation was two dollars ...

A standard policy of the Temple of the Dark Moon's since its conception in 1999 is that of sponsorship of various ecological and environmental charities, as well as humanitarian organisations. Up to 20% of all moneys received from workshops and courses as well as from the sale of selected items on eBay, is donated to various organisations.

From time to time we may also ask members to bring a donation of a non-perishable item that will be donated to one of the growing number of charities.

In the eyes of the Goddess, nothing goes unrewarded. When you give without expecting anything in return, the "reward" is more meaningful on a soul level.

Some of the organisations and charities that the Temple sponsors include:


Mayra from the SALCCA Area Development Programme in Peru

Since 2001 the Temple of the Dark Moon has been involved with the regeneration of "The Cedars", a historical site at Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills, which was the residence of Hans Heysen, an artist known for his love of the magnificent gums in the area. Every year, various members and friends of the Temple, including our High Priestess, volunteer to help with the tree planting at this site.

Some of the 2008 planting team at The Cedars,
Hahndorf for Trees Please!

Relaxing after planting some 100 trees

Tree planting is not all serious business

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