Imbolc – Awakening the Spirit

As the Wheel of the Year turns, the beginning of August marks the fragile return of life after the long winter’s sleep as the first tendrils cautiously making their appearance.  There is the likelihood of frosts, but despite this, early flowers are pushing their way to the surface – snowdrops, dwarf hyacinths, jonquils, early irises and even daffodils are appearing, making the statement that spring is on its way.  A fragile warming of the air can be felt as winter, usually the season of rest and withdrawal, comes to an end.  This is the time of uncertainty.  A sudden frost can kill the new plants and flowers, if they appear too early.  They also run the risk of developing rot with the last of the winter rains.

Within contemporary witchcraft this fragile return is Imbolc (pronounced “IM-bulk”), from the Irish Gaelic meaning “in the belly” (of the mother). The Scots also had their own word for this sabbat, that being Oimelc (pronounced EE-mulk) for “ewe’s milk”, for it was commonly lambing season.

The sabbat represents the quickening of light and life as around first stirrings of spring begin to appear.  In the Northern Hemisphere Imbolc occurs around 1 February, the sacred day of the Celtic Goddess Bride (pronounced “Breed”) or Brigid.  At her shrine, the ancient Irish capital of Kildare, a perpetual flame was burnt.  When she was Christianized into St Brigid, Kildare remained a sacred centre. Here in the Southern Hemisphere, Imbolc takes place around 31 July or 1 August, marking the return of the Maiden Goddess.

The Temple of the Dark Moon will be offering a special Gathering Around the Cauldron to mark the return of the maiden goddess at Imbolc. Held on Saturday, 1 August, you are invited to join us as we celebrate the Awakening of Spirit.

Learn about the historical origins, the various gods and goddesses, and make your own Cros Bride (Brigit’s Cross) associated with this sabbat.

All attendees go into the draw to win a copy of In Her Sacred Name: Writings on the Divine Feminine.

Date: Saturday, 1 August 2020
Time: 11am to 3pm
Investment: $50.00
Venue: Riverdell Spiritual Centre, Hillier

Bookings are essential as there are strictly limited places available.

Direct payment via Bank Transfer
Account Name: Frances Billinghurst
BSB: 325185
Account Number: 03146790
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Payments must be received by 20 July 2020.