Qabalistic Archangel Meditation Series

Sacred Archangel Meditations is a series of 10 meditations each specifically designed to focus on meeting one of the ten angelic beings found within the Qabalistic sacred glyph known as the “Tree of Life”. Through these powerful meditations you will be able to gain important insight relating specifically to your individual circumstances, gain inner guidance and clarity, receive healing, and much more. These archangels are:
:: Metatron (the “scribe of God”)
:: Raziel (the “Will of God”)
:: Tzaphkiel (the “Watchtower of God”)
:: Tzadkiel (the “Righteousness of God”)
:: Khamael (the “desired of God”)
:: Raphael (the ” Deliverance of God”)
:: Haniel (“Look to God”)
:: Michael (“He who is like to God”)
:: Gabriel (“Strength of God”) and
:: Sandalphon (“the Dew is Poured Forth”).

Each of these archangels are considered to be the messengers of God (higher consciousness). As such, they are symbols of the highest attainment of each sphere which can be intellectually understood or visualized. Being the purest manifestations of divinity which can exist in the plural universe, through meditating with each particular archangel, you are able to access the divine knowledge that they each contain.

** Due to the specific nature of each meditation building upon the previous one, it is essential that you are able to commit (as much as possible) to undertaking this series in its entirety to ensure that you receive maximum benefit and understanding of each of these angelic beings.

Please email Frances to register your interest in this meditation series.

Venue: The Isian Centre of Metaphysics (Parafield Gardens, Adelaide) from 7.30pm to 8.45pm. Address will be provided upon registration.
Commencing: 23 July 2020 (proposed start date – subject to interest).
Cost: $10

This meditation series will heighten the personal relationship with each archangel especially for those participants of the Climbing the Tree of Life – A Weekend of Ceremonial Magick that will be held over the weekend of 4 and 5 July 2020.