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The Temple of the Dark Moon classifies itself as a "progressive" Alexandrian-based coven but what does this mean?

As mentioned in the Witches Voice article about Alexandrian Wicca, the Temple of the Dark Moon is one such coven that includes ceremonial magick, in particular Qabalah and Angelic magick, with its Wiccan rituals. In keeping in line with the practice that Alex Sanders established, that of constantly evolving his own magickal practices, we also constantly seek new knowledge and techniques within our magickal practices, thus assisting each member of the Inner Court with their own spiritual practices. Wherever possible, however, we attempt to tailor such practices so that they have an “Alexandrian” feel/essence.

When you mention “tradition”, some people form the view that such work does not evolve with the times. Whilst this may be the view of some covens that follow a traditional lineage, the Temple of the Dark Moon is not one such coven. We believe that there is nothing incorrect by adding to the groundwork that has come before us provided however that nothing is actually taken away. We also see the benefit in Gerald Gardner’s “half truths” in that they add another dimension to the overall Wiccan mythos. As time progresses we are sure that more layers with respect of Gardner’s ideals and decisions will come to light. Such information on strengthens his point – that Wicca indeed is a “Mystery” tradition.

The Temple of the Dark Moon also classifies itself as “Alexandrian-based”. This is out of respect to other Alexandrian covens that are able to provide a direct lineage back to Alex Sanders. Due to how Wicca and Wytchcraft was perceived in Australia in the 1970s, only “Craft” names were known, and even then the rituals which have subsequently been passed down, were deemed “beyond the standard Alexandrian workings”. For over eight years we have endeavoured to determine the real identity of individuals who were involved with the initiation of our High Priestess’s Australian High Priest – but to no avail. This lack of information has caused some criticism in the Temple classifying itself as “Alexandrian”, not to mention our “progressive” approach. It is for these reasons that we classify ourselves as a “progressive Alexandrian-based” coven.

We view tradition as a foundation to stand on, a framework to build on,not as something finished that cannot ever be changed."

- Ellen Cannon Reed

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