Making a Protection Bottle

Taking place on the eve of the dark moon, learn how to craft your own Protection Bottle, also known as a “Witch’s Bottle”.

These bottles have been used for many centuries with the first written mention appearing in the 17th century as a means of protecting the home from negative influences, curses, hexes, and the “Evil Eye”. Today, such bottles are used primarily as decoys to attract, absorb, confuse and defuse negative psychic energy being sent.

In this workshop we will cover the historical use of such bottles, explore the properties of the ingredients used, construct a personal protective sigil, construct and decorate our own bottles, empower and charge the bottles through the use of sacred rite as well as sonic vibration.

This workshop will be taking place in the shadow of the dark (or new) moon which relates to our rebirthing as we unfurl us out from the depths and emerge from the Underworld of emotion into new potentialities.

All materials are included in this workshop.

Investment: $80 (covers bottle, herbs, oils, wax, detailed notes)
Date: Sunday, 28 February 2021
Time: 11.00am to 3.30pm
Payment to be received via bank deposit.

Direct payment via Bank Transfer
Account Name: Frances Billinghurst
BSB: 325185
Account Number: 03146790
Please put your name and workshop as the reference – eg, “M Smith – Bottle”.

Please ensure you use your name for reference and then email us that payment has been made so that details can be sent to you.

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