Incense Making Workshop

The word “incense” comes from Latin for incendere meaning “to burn”.

The ancient Egyptians used combustible bouquets for both their pragmatic and mystical capacities. Ancient Babylonians, Greeks and Romans used incense while offering prayers to divining oracles, and evidence of the use of incense burners have been found from the Indus Civilization (3300–1300 BCE) were sarsaparilla seeds, frankincense and cypress were used.

During this informative workshop you will learn:
:: The history of the use of incense
:: Types of incense and their uses (eg meditation, healing and space clearing etc)
:: Ritual and Ceremony
:: Making blended incense
:: Create your own individual incense to take away with you

Things to bring to the workshop:
:: If you have a stone mortar and pestle which you would like to use (otherwise provided)
:: Pen and paper

There will be a selection of ready made incenses as well as additional ingredients available for purchase on the day.

Date: Saturday, 9 June 2018 (11am to 3.30pm – although may go slightly longer)
Venue: Isian Centre of Metaphysics (Parafield Gardens)
Investment: $80.00 (includes all ingredient and notes) – payment to be made via Paypal.

There are strictly limited number of places available.

Payment must be received prior to 2 June 2018 to secure your spot.

If you wish to make payment via direct deposit or have any other queries, please complete the following form.