The Magick of Cloth Offerings

From the moment of birth until our death we are wrapped in fabric and so humans have an intimate connection to cloth and even more so witches and magickal folk.

From Celtic/Scottish clooties, Buddhist prayer flags, Native American prayer bundles, to Christian prayer cloths, culture, religions and spiritual practices all over the world have combined cloth with offerings and prayers.

Explore the power of cloth and magick by creating our own prayer flags. Together we will work with spirits of air, intention and words of power combined with cloth, stitch, ribbons and paint.

We will explore the power of fabric and magick by creating our own personal spells into cloths to spread magick through our life.

This workshop will also include a rite to empower your magickal flags.

Booking and payment is essential as places are limited for this workshop.

Date: Saturday, 21 February 2021 from 11am until approximately 3pm (possibly later)
Cost: $70 (includes all materials)

Direct payment via Bank Transfer
Account Name: Frances Billinghurst
BSB: 325185
Account Number: 03146790

Please put your name for reference.

Strictly limited number of positions available.