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The following are a number of web sites which the Temple of the Dark Moon have found of interest, and not all of them are specifically "Pagan". If you would like to have your site added here, please contact us. For more specific Australian Pagan contacts, visit the Bush Telegraph.

Anthea Wright is an extremely talented South Australian fantasy artist whose individual flair is something to be admired. Available for portraits, commissioned works etc at reasonable rates.

Archaeoastronomy: A wonderful resource for finding out exact equinox, solstice and cross-quarter dates and times for both Northern and Southern Northern Hemispheres.

Astrology of the Moon provides indepth and personal astrological readings by Persia Wildwood.

Dragon's Eye Tours organises initimate and unique tours of England's West Country (Avebury, Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Tintagel) and Ireland. Experience the spiritual, the magickal and the mystical under the guidence of Christine as well as numerous guests along the way, including Professor Ron Hutton (England) and Wiccan Elders Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone (Ireland).

Dreams of Gaia is the site showcasing artworks by Michele-lee Phelan, Australiantarot and oracle illustrator.

G.A.I.A.: Goddess Association in Australia is a networking organisation the supports and honours the Divine Feminine within Australia. Members received monthly magazines detailing what is available. Each year they organise the Australian Goddess Conference which is highly recommended.

Lunarium Universal Lunar Calendar enables you to create individual lunar calendars anywhere in the world.

Moontime Diary is a planning diary that works with the phases and positions of the moon and planets. Daily practical suggestions help you fine tune to the natural forces. Create a healthy life style, grow abundant gardens and maintain your home with less effort and better results.

Ra-Hoor-Khuit is an extensive magical site containing invaluable information with respect of ceremonial magick.

Religious Tolerance is an invaluable site containing a whole range of very interesting and well researched information on various religions and spiritual beliefs.

Wild Heart Designs for beautiful custom designed Medieval, Goddess-inspired, Stevie Nicks styled clothing at down to earth prices.

Witchy Wisdom is the web site of Australian author and musician, Leonora. It contains Articles offering previously hidden "Occult secrets" based on Knowledge gained within the Inner Circle of the Australian branch of the Great White Brotherhood of Light (1970-1992). Her books on Magic can be purchased through Lulu.

The Temple of the Dark Moon is a South Australian sponsor of Witches' Voice

Witches Voice is an international networking and resource service for and about Pagans, Wytches, Wiccans and everyone else inbetween. They also offer a section for teenagers.

For more information, contact the Temple of the Dark Moon or write to us at PO Box 2451, SALISBURY DOWNS SA 5108.

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