Temple of the Dark Moon


Once in the month,
and better it be when the Moon is full ...

The Temple of the Dark Moon commenced hosting Full Moon gatherings in the Adelaide area as a community service back on 6 March 2004. This first gathering took place at Grange Beach with 12 people braving the wind and the cooling temperatures to attend - including one interstate visitor.

Over the years, numerous of people have joined us both in the park (the Winter venue) and at the beach (during Summer). Whilst time restraints have prevented many of the Summer gatherings to continue, the Temple still holds Full Moon Gatherings, which are open to the public, during the Winter months.

Regardless of whether you are new to Paganism and the Craft, are curious as to what exactly Pagans do, or have been follower of the Old Ways for a number of years, the aim of these Gatherings is to create a friendly environment to meet like minded people, share knowledge, and generally for all participants to have a good time.

In attending these gatherings, all that we ask of you is that you come with an open mind and mutual respect for other participants, as well as that you abide by some basic Circle Etiquette, thus enabling the enjoyment for all attendees.

Then shall ye assemble in some secret place ...


The venue for all public Full Moon Gatherings is the Botanic Park between 7.30pm and 7.45pm (with the meeting place being in the Hackney Road carpark by the old pine trees).

The dates for the 2015 Full Moon Gatherings are:
  • Saturday, 4 April (during the Easter break)

  • Sunday, 3 May (International "Hekate Fires" event - bring a red candle)

  • Tuesday, 2 June

  • Wednesday, 1 July

  • Friday, 31 July (Imbolc acknowledgement - bring a white candle) li>

A free downloaded brochure containing all these days can be found here.

What the Gatherings will consist of:
Each Gathering will be unique in its structure and content. Depending on the experience of participants, the Gatherings could include formal circle casting (from various Pagan traditions), calling in of elemental quarters, evocation to a specific Lunar Deity, attunement with Deity, meditation, and energy raising. A healing circle will also be performed. Contributions from those participating is encouraged.

These Gatherings are a free service provided to the Community by the Temple of the Dark Moon. As we collect for Fauna Rescue (South Australia), your gold coin donation is most appreciated.

What to bring:
Yourself, an open mind and a willingness to participate. As these Gatherings will be held in public places, normal street clothing is appropriate.

As Adelaide's Winter weather is unpredictable, on the rare occasion these gatherings may be cancelled. If you are in doubt whether a gathering is going ahead, contact the Temple of the Dark Moon at least an hour prior to the time given on 0401 967 754.

For more information, contact the Temple of the Dark Moon or write to us at PO Box 2451, SALISBURY DOWNS SA 5108.

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