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The Temple of the Dark Moon's web site is largely designed and maintained solely by our High Priestess, Frances, with her web site "expertise" largely due to an adult education course she enrolled in a number of years ago.

Updating and maintaining the web site is very time consuming, so is making sure that the information contained within is current and up to date. Frances has also been solely responsible for all other costs that are associated with maintaining and hosting such a web site.

While this site is to promote the Temple and our activities, it is also aimed at promoting an accurate portrayal of Paganism, in particular Wicca and Wytchcraft in with respect to the Southern Hemisphere. The articles here are provided free of charge and all we ask is if you wish to use them, that you acknowledge its author.

In order to help meet not only the costs involved in maintaining this web site, but also the provision of public services such as Full Moon Gatherings, any donations would be gratefully achieved. We do accept Paypal or alternatively, contact us as to other options.

As mentioned on our workshop page, the Temple of the Dark Moon donates up to 20% of all funds received to various ecological, environmental and humanity charities. Your donation therefore in effect also us in our continuing support of these worthy charities.

For more information, contact the Temple of the Dark Moon or write to us at PO Box 2451, SALISBURY DOWNS SA 5108.

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