Climbing the Tree of Life

The Qabalah (also spelt Kabalah or Cabala) is a part of ancient Jewish mystical tradition. Coming from the Hebrew root word QBL meaning “to receive”, it is usually taken to refer to the traditional custom where knowledge was passed orally.

Oral tradition states that the Qabalah was first taught to the archangels by God, who then passed the teachings on to Adam. This “secret doctrine” was considered so profound in nature that it was held apart from the main body of Hebrew teaching and therefore communicated to a few who were believed to be able to understand the essence of the teachings.

This six part course will explore what is referred to a the “mystical qabalah” and in particular the Tree of Life, the central glyph found within ceremonial magick.

By focusing on both theory as well as practical, this course aims to provide a background to the use of the Qabalah within ceremonial magick, the various rituals and techniques, as well as explaining various concepts and uses of the Tree of Life glyph.

Detailed notes are provided for this six part series.

Strictly Limited Places Available.

Cost: $120 – Bookings through Eventbrite.