Gathering around the Cauldron Meetups

Gathering around the Cauldron meetups are specifically designed for novices to explore the practices and philosophies of magic, ritual and contemporary wytchcraft, as well as providing those who may have read a few books to gain experience by putting this knowledge into practical application.

The underlying emphasis of what will be shared during the Gathering around the Cauldron meetups will be placed on the Southern Hemisphere.

During the meetups, participants will:
:: Gain personal experience in creating a sacred space.
:: Be guided through magickal pathworkings and visualisations.
:: Work in accordance with the seasonal Southern Wheel of the Year.
:: Raise and work with energy.
:: Connect with Deity.
and much more.

Gathering around the Cauldron will be held on Thursday, 8 and 22 August, 12 September, and 14 and 28 November 2019 (7.30pm to 9.30pm).

Bookings are essential as there are limited places available.  Reserve your place free through Eventbrite.

If you have booked a place then for whatever reason cannot attend, it is considered polite to let us know.

Venue: Temple of the Dark Moon covenstead, Parafield Gardens
Cost: $20 per fortnight (payable on the night)

Herodias and the Queen of Witches (Coby Michael Ward)

Aradia, the Gospel of the Witches. Charles Leland. Ilustrator unknown. Wikimedia Commons, public domain.
Aradia, the Gospel of the Witches. Charles Leland. Ilustrator unknown. Wikimedia Commons, public domain.

The Witch Queen in Traditional Witchcraft

The concept of a Queen of Witches is not new to modern traditional witchcraft.  When investigating this concept from a historical perspective many common themes begin to arise, and we see the fluid stream of polytheistic syncretism.  Certain names and themes circulate around this concept, shedding light on the transformative nature of pagan deities.  They are not fixed in concrete and steel like the gods of modern society, but ever changing and growing like the roots of a tree, branching out above and below.  For me, the Queen of the Witches is the chthonic aspect of the mother goddess embodied in the fertile earth.  She draws her fertility from the dark rich soil, feeding the lifeforms of the surface.  She is one of the elder gods.  A nameless primal archetype of early humanity who has overtime assumed multiple forms, names and identities based on the people perceiving her.

Within the school of Traditional Witchcraft there are a handful of recurring deities that are linked in the historical procession of the primordial witch goddess; such recurring names as: Diana, Herodias, Habondia, Frau Holda and others help us piece together the etymology of the original goddess.  I am generally focused on those figures found within the folklore of the British Isles and Germany via the Holy Roman Empire.  Within this spectrum the earliest sources are traced back to Greece and Rome from which these themes disseminated originally.  Witchcraft scholars seem particularly interested in the goddess Diana.  Historical sources show that her veneration continued well into the Christian era.  Her origins, like many others begin in ancient Greece before making their way to the Roman pantheon.  It was a Roman custom to create composite deity names for various situations for example the Roman Juno-Lucina began as Hera-Diana in Greece.  It is here that historian Carlo Ginzburg, in his famous Ecstacies, points out that the original nomenclature was written and transcribed as Hera-Diana. The Church seeking to associate goddess worship with diabolism used this as an opportunity to distort the original theme.  Hera-Diana was transcribed as Hero-Diana to associate her with the biblical figure Herodias.  This was reinforced at the ironically named Council of Truer in 1310, which set Herodiana next to Diana to perpetuate this distortion.

Herodias, Erodiade, and Aradia

According to the research of Raven Grimassi; “the appearance of Herodias, as a biblical figure, in connection with a goddess of witchcraft is an intentional displacement of deity figures.” (Herodias in Witchcraft)  Initially it seems as though the close spelling between these two different names is what resulted in the distortion, however it played into the goal of the Church to dismiss the validity and reality of Dianic worship.  This allowed church officials to connect the pagan figure Hera-Diana with the Biblical figure Herodiana or Herodias, and the Italian translation of Erodiade into one cohesive idea.  The story of Herodias begins in the New Testament, much like the Old Testament’s Jezebel another wicked woman of the Bible.  Herodias is known for her role in having John the Baptist beheaded for criticizing her marriage.  She is depicted as one of the Bible’s many wicked women, in association with witches.

This depiction of Hera with a Hind is titled Diana of Versailles and is an example of the composite deity Hera-Diana. Louvre. Wikimedia Commons.
This depiction of Hera with a Hind is titled Diana of Versailles and is an example of the composite deity Hera-Diana. Louvre. Wikimedia Commons.

Erodiade (Herodias) remained part of Italian folklore prior to Charles Godfrey Leland and his popularization of the name Aradia.  According to folklorist Sabina Magliocco, Aradia was a supernatural figure of Italian folklore that was widely known prior to the publication of the Gospel of the Witches, which wasn’t published until 1899.  It seems that it is a common trend for the early Church to graft itself onto local folklore by creating Biblical connections with the intention of converting pagans, however in retrospect it seems that this only insured the survival of these entities by facilitating their transition into the new religious paradigm.  Papal proclamations and decisions made in councils would determine the Church’s official stance on these issues.

Diana, as the Queen of Witches

There are a handful of female deities that most fully embody the power of the mother goddess and the craft of the witch.  Diana, and her many counterparts and consorts are known for leading her followers on the winding path of spiritual discovery and personal power.  The Church also recognized this powerful embodiment in the form of Diana, attesting to her connection to the Unseen.  Their goal, after hundreds of years of polytheistic goddess veneration, was to convince people that Diana was an illusion created by the Devil to lead the unsuspecting away from God.  By introducing the concept of deception, Church officials attempt to dismiss the validity of Dianic worship.  They condemn those who believe in such illusions, however those who believe witchcraft itself is an illusion are even more deceived according to the Church.  Church doctrine at the time explicitly warns of women who follow Satan, fly at night and worship Diana as found in the Canon Episcopi.

The four main points of the Canon Episcopi are outlined in the infamous Witch hunter’s manual, the Malleus Maleficarum. The first and most important of these main points is that there is only one true God and no other should be worshipped except for him.  The second point mentions Diana specifically as the goddess of the pagans; it points out that she is actually the devil in disguise using glamour to deceive people.  The third point continues to discuss the devil’s power of illusion, by making followers think that are flying long distances, it is actually another glamour used by the Devil.  The fourth and final point again mentions Diana by name.  It states that real witches make a pact with the Devil and must obey him in word and deed.  The canon also encompasses all and every act of witchcraft which are many and diverse.  It also states that real witches are doing much more than worshipping Diana and flying at night.  It is suggested that the Canon should be extended because, “witches do much more than these women, and are of a very different kind.”  I believe this quote from the Malleus Maleficarum is an example of the distinction between pagan folk practices and actual witchcraft, which was a common nuance at the time.

Her Majesty

The image of the Queen of Witches has taken many forms over the millennia.  The power to assume these cross-cultural forms is unique to the elder gods of our nameless tradition.  Sects of night flying witches were known to ride with various ancestral goddesses.  As the goddess of life, death, and rebirth; she presides over all aspects of our existence.  She is the primordial mother of the Underworld beckoning the souls of the dead back to her embrace.  According to many traditional witches, the Queen of Elfhame or goddess of witchcraft as she is known, is a counterpart to the Master of the Wild Hunt.(Craft of the Horned Piper, 17-20)  During the winter months from Samhain to Yule the Wild Hunt or Furious Horde led by the Horned One and his Queen, are known across Europe for guiding the souls of the dead across the sky.  Both assuming different aspects during the dark and light halves of the year.


“Herodias in Witchcraft” by Raven Grimassi

The Goddess Aradia and other subjects

Wikipedia Entry: Herodias

A Candle for our Ancestors at Samhain

As the sun moves north of the equator on its way up to the Tropic of Cancer, the days continue to grow shorter and the nights longer.  This is the time of the An Ghrian Mór or “small sun” to the ancient Celts, that marks the commencement of the dark half of the year.  Now is the festival of Samhain for those of us south of the equator.

The word “Samhain” is said to come from the Scots Gaelic samhainn and the Irish Gaelic samain or samfuin, both meaning “summer’s end” (at least from an etymological perspective) with sam meaning “summer” and fuin meaning “sunset” or “end”.  Within the Irish medieval myth mentioned earlier, Tochmarc Emire, Samhain is the first of the four quarter days mentioned by Emer to the Ulster hero Cu Chulainn: “Samhain, when the summer goes to its rest, ” records Ronald Hutton in his book, Stations of the Sun: A History of the Ritual Year in Britain.

In Ireland and Scotland, a festival referred to as Feile na Marbh (the Festival of the Dead) was believed to have taken place; or in modern language, Oíche Shamhna (Irish) and Scots Gaelic, Oidhche Shamhna where the custom was (and in some places today still is) to set a place for the dead at the Samhain feast, and to tell tales of the ancestors on that night.

Originally, the “Feast of the Dead” was celebrated in Celtic countries by leaving food offerings on altars and doorsteps for the “wandering dead”, or a single candle was left lit in the window to help guide the spirits of ancestors home.  Ancestors can fall into three categories – blood relatives, lineage (spiritual or otherwise), and those who are not related to us but who have inspired/enabled us to make life changing decisions (often for the better).

Samhain is a time of introspection. It is a time to heal the source of our deepest wounds, and those we have inflicted upon others around us. It is a time when we can learn to see things more clearly. We use this time to remove all falsehoods that we have built up throughout the year. We also can use this time of the year to remove those aspects of our life, which we have grown out of or no longer need.

Entering the Time of Transformation at Samhain

The sacred Wheel of the Year has turned and here south of the equator we find ourselves at Samhain and awaiting the veils between the world of the living and the realm of the dead to open before us.

At this rather sombre time of the year, we remember those who have left this world as the thinning of the veil makes it easier for us to contact our ancestors, as well as other spirits.  Ancestors need not only be those of our blood line, those people who we have known in this life – they can also anyone who has helped shaped us into the people we are today, who have inspired us to follow a path closer to the calling of our own True Will, in order to reach our highest ideals. 

During the stillness of Samhain night, light a candle and give thanks to those who have gone before you, regardless of your relationship with or memory of them.  

As the ecstatic Lord of the Wine makes his descent in to the Underworld where he will take up the mantle of the Dread Lord of Shadows, the comforter of souls, the Goddess too transforms into a slightly all of aspect that refuses to be confirmed to the typical “Maiden Mother Crone” aspect.  This is the time of the Dark Goddess, the shape shifter as she slips between the worlds, the unpredictable one who merges in and out the shadows, as well as merging in and out of the modern stereotypes of the Goddess – sometimes she is depicted as an old Crone, other times she is the Maiden, and yet she can also appear as the terrifying Mother who devours her children.  It is only through this “devouring”, that we fully understand the Mysteries which surround us.

The Underworld into which the God has entered is the place of initiation where he must pass through in order to be reborn at the Winter Solstice.  Yet, until he is joined with his initiator, the Goddess who is the great teacher of all life’s mysteries, he rules alone for the Goddess still has her own fires to light and cauldron to stir in our world before she departs to join her beloved.  

Samhain is a time for introspection, as we too draw our energy within and prepare for the colder Winter months. And as we do, it will be wise to remember what happened to Gwion Bach, in the Welsh myth of Taliesin the Bard, should you happen to come across an old woman (Ceridwen) asking you to stir a cauldron in which a sacred brew is being prepared.

Living in a World Without Magic (Amy Hoffman)

When the world lost its magic and became too cold and serious.

As the energy of the April full moon begins to wane, I begin to turn my attention to the next intake of The Wytch’s Circle that will commence on Thursday, 23 May 2019. Unlike previous years the notes for this intake of students will come in the format of a 158 paged book of the same name. Somewhere along the line I came across the following essay, “Living in a World without Magic” by Amy Hoffman. Instead, it can appear that as we grow older, the “magick” of our world tends to diminish. Things that we once stood in awe as a child no longer hold such wonder and fascination as our conscious mind and life’s reality explains things away …. or maybe not.

I, for one, believe in magick, “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will” as magician Aleister Crowley described it. As an adult, I still find awe and wonder in the world around me, believe in the realms that exist alongside our physical reality, and have even experienced the power of the mighty gods that my distant ancestors revered.

But I also agree with Amy, that somewhere along the road that we call life, we, as a human race, have let the magic die. And in doing so, we have failed. So, I will let Amy take it from here.

“We failed ourselves, and we failed future generations. We made babies grow up too fast and become mini adults because there was nothing left to keep them young. Now we live in a world that is cold and dark and lacking in the magic that once upon a time kept us young and happy.

“Look to the past. Not really the recent past, further back than that, before your grandmothers and into a darker age of time where mobile telephones were not even a thought. Heck, telephones were not even a thought yet. Yes, they were simpler times, but they were times when people still believed. Believed in what? Everything. And it depended on where in the world you were as to what you believed in.

Think about it. Think how many different gods and goddesses different cultures have believed in throughout the years. And how about all the tall tales, and folklore and myths and legends that were passed down through generations and used to teach children lessons, and to explain how things worked in simple ways that children understood.

“Children could laugh and skip through life, believing that elves came out at night to cobble their shoes, instead of facing the harsh reality that the poor cobbler worked until his hands bled to make a pathetic amount of money to keep from starving.

“Today’s children get the truth. The cold, hard, unloving truth. There is no fairies left in the world to believe in, except maybe the Tooth Fairy, who let me tell you, inflation has left me a little peeved at her these days.

“But in all seriousness, when kids want to know what or why something is how it is now, we do not give them a beautifully crafted tale of mystery and wonder that leaves their little eyes glimmering with hope and intrigue and their little hearts pounding with excitement.

“We hand them a computer and show them a YouTube video. Here you go kid, you wanted to know why there are rainbows? Watch this, it will tell you exactly how the light refracts and shines through the raindrops and makes the rainbow. What’s wrong? You were hoping for leprechauns and pots of gold? Not in this world.

“And so there you have it. Everyone asks what’s wrong with today’s youth. There it is. The magic is gone. We stopped letting them believe in it while we rushed around in our busy, mundane lives and we stopped having time for fairies and gnomes.

“We stopped telling these tales and myths to them and they stopped caring. We showed them a world that could be explained by science and their tender little hearts grew cold. The twinkle in their eyes dimmed and they started growing up too fast. Sure, we’ve kept the basics, Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and maybe a few other big wigs were spared, but the rest we forgot.

“We stopped telling them to gaze up into the stars on a clear night and look for the man in the moon, or in the case of my childhood, my Japanese grandmother showed me the rabbit with his wooden mallet, pounding the rice into mochi.

“And by god I believed it. I would look up at that big glowing orb and smile when I could make out the shape of the rabbit. We stopped explaining rainbows with leprechauns and we stopped telling them that gremlins and fairies stole missing items.

“We failed them and then we started to wonder why they had no imagination and why they needed an electronic device to entertain them instead of their own minds. The answer was because of us. Because we stopped giving them things to believe in and to imagine.

“I know that they do grow up. It happens to the best of us sadly. But the magic doesn’t need to die, we can take five minutes and set down our phones and tell them stories about fairies and trolls. We can teach them silly little habits, like leaving an offering in a ring of toadstools for the fairies.

“Why? Because it gets them outside, it gets them to observe nature and see the beauty of the world around them. It gives you an opportunity to explain some heavy stuff or really confusing stuff to them without either confusing them further, or giving them information that their little minds shouldn’t really have to process. Bring back the myths, and the legends, bring back the fables.

“Let them live in their imagined worlds a little longer before they have to face the cold world that we have to brave. Let them battle some dragons and evil spirits and hope that the elves bring back their missing socks for just a little longer, and maybe, just maybe you will find that your world feels just a little more magical too. “

“Living in a World without Magic” by Amy Hoffman

Some of the Biggest Mistakes when Learning Magick

Magick is a strange interest to have and as such, people are often drawn to it for rather high brow reasons:
:: You want to understand the universe and your place in it.
:: You want answers to the questions of life, the universe and everything – not just second-hand faith in somebody else’s proclamations.
:: You want a heightened sense of personal dignity, integrity and power to achieve the goals that matter to you the most.
:: You want enchantment. You want to live an enchanted life – one in which you can immerse yourself in wonders and mysteries, and experience intensity that people who are checked out in front of their phones or TV screens never will.
:: You want a heightened reality, or even to quest for absolute reality itself.

Black Salt for Protection

Within some folk magick traditions, black salt is used as a protective element to drive away negative, or even evil, energies when scattered around your property. It can even be sprinkled into the footprints of people who are bothering you as a way of making them go away and leave you alone. It is said that the salt absorbs and contains negativity.

Energy Parasites (Psychic Vampires) (Shadow)

IMAGE 1: My drawing depicting creation of rapport between energy vampire and unsuspecting sleeper , through heart chakras.

NOTE : Semantics before all: Energy parasite is a psychic vampire of some sort that accidentally drains energy from another living being, or more living beings. That is the occult definition. However I disagree respectfully, as you need to have conscious desire, at least at lowest level of your conscious being to start any sort of occult attack. In its most basic form energy parasitism is an occult attack. In the text that follows I will be using the terms interchangeably (psychic vampire, energy vampire, and energy vampire and energy parasite).

Ever had that sudden feel of fatigue, tiredness, with no obvious reason? Did this by any chance occur after you dealt with certain person? Have you had that happen before? Think about it, because if the answer on the following question is affirmative, and if you were able to rule out mundane reason for your state (physiology or physiopathology), you might have even more serious problem, occult or paranormal in its nature. An energy drain caused by, what we refer as energy vampires.

Energy vampires are human, or rarely, other living creatures that posses innate ability to steal another people’s vital force, energy sometimes referred as “chi” or or “prana” in esoteric circles, and in occult community in general. There are also, spiritual energy vampires that are simply lowest level astral creatures, or non- living elementals created by other people (like servitors or egregores).

Even psychology, by some point, recognizes that there are humans capable to impose negative emotions upon others, consequently starting to feel better themselves. They call them emotional vampires. While in occultism we approve the fact that some people are able of causing others to feel sad, depressive, melancholic or alike, relying only on every day, or natural means, we strongly think, that emotional vampires, as described in psychology are utterly rare. Meaning, up to some 98-99% of emotional vampires, are psychic vampires as well, or better yet their emotional vampirism is but a consequence of their ability to drain energy from other living being by supernatural means.

The main difference between the two types of vampires, is that emotional vampires have no influence when they are fare from you, and that you can easily resist them, using just will and determination. Psychic vampire – victim relation is masochistic, compelling, and can be severed only using both strong will and supernatural means.

Types of psychic vampires
1. Human psychic vampires
a) Solar human psychic vampires: Aggressive, compelling, cruel, pathologically jealous and possessive, dominative, short fuse and abusive, yet highly dependant on their victims. They apologize often, and have episodes of “kind” behavior, which is to reassure their victims in their “good” aims and preventing victims from leaving them. Victims are often afraid and unwilling at same time to disassociate from them.
b) Lunar human psychic vampires: Kind, coercive, depressive, sometimes with suicidal tendencies they always fail to fulfill due to lack of courage and fear of pain. They always ask questions, ask for advices, seek help, they always appear to be in trouble and need victims help. The base for this pathological relation ( vampire – victim ) is based on victims sympathy for the vampire, and vampire’s outstandingly keen powers of suggestion and manipulation, subtle yet powerful and will bending.

2. Non-human psychic vampires (spiritual vampires)
a) Natural spiritual psychic vampires: Lower level evil parasitic spirits occurring naturally, often inhabiting lower level astral plane, ethereal plane and earthly plane by need. They mostly attack their victims during their sleep, though not rarely they can be attached to their victims almost non stop. People that are gifted and can see energies and energy beings (clairvoyance) gave pretty much uniformed description of these beings, spheral or with sharp cauloids (head region) and with great number of tentacles they use to attach themselves to human chakras.
b) Artificial spiritual psychic vampires: servitors created by other people, sometimes fugitives other times sent intentionally to feed on other people’s energies.

Regardless of the type (human, non human) and attributes (solar, lunar, natural, artificial) consequences of their acts are evident and obvious, and always pretty much the same. Therefore the symptoms that will indicate on energetic vampirism, as well as methods of dealing with them are universal.

Recognizing a Psychic Vampire
Psychic vampires are always tired, never happy or satisfied individuals, that feel abandoned or rejected and always seek for support and help. They appear obsessed with fulfilling their goals and aims by all costs, they seek opinions and advices that they soak in.

“Some psychic vampires may suffer from physical ailments, unbalanced emotions, or personality disorders. Many possess violent tempers, which are easily aroused”, according to famous occult author Dion Fortune.

Symptoms that indicate vampirism and diagnose
Most common and distinctive signs of energetic vampirism include
• State of general somatic and psychological fatigue, with no apparent physiological cause
• Poor sleep quality, sometimes followed by sleep apnea, or recurring nightmares
• Pain in the neck, lower spine and recurring headaches. Also it is commonly reported by victims that their ear rings and they are not hypertonic, and also sense of unease in are of solar plexus
• Sensation of ease, when bathing or staying over, or near bodies of water. Specific ease is felt if you make sign of Celtic cross over forehead, solar plexus and heart chakra
• Very small ( minute, use magnifying glass ) punctures bellow ears, on neck or down the inner surface of one forearms, lobes of the ears, under breast in women’s and on toe tips, sometimes they become infected and suppurating
Most people that have good basic occult knowledge will generally know when they are being attacked by an energy vampire. Anyhow, affirming that one has at least three above listed symptoms is alarming and healing and apotropaic measures are ought to be undertaken.

Warding off and Healing Energy Vampirism
The simplest and best way to deal with leeches of these sort, is to disassociate. However even then, we may encounter them accidentally, so we either have to be rather vigilant and carry certain protective items and charms, or we have to coulter their power, restrict their magnetism and say no to their abuse.
The easiest, and very effective methods of protection against energy vampires, corporeal or not, include shielding, occult disassociation, and aura sealing, some of which are described in the text bellow. The mentioned methods are also rather temporary and not a definite measure. I will be suggesting some of the means to severe the ties with energy parasites for good, later in this text.

Image 2: My own drawing depicting a visualization used to “cut off” the energy vampires, and their tentacles or rapport created. One visualizes 3 ( or more ) cylinders, extremely sharp rotating with immense speed around their head, heart and navel. In Your visualization, it’s advised that the cylinders rotate in different directions.

Magickal Disassociation Techniques and Shielding
Dion Fortune suggests some of the best methods I’ve heard off in her book Psychic Self Defense. Some are quite simple, actually. Should you find yourself in same room, with energy vampire and forced to speak to them, envision glass wall between you and energy parasite, and envision it clearly, until becomes like tangible between the two of you.

In your mind or in low voice, say to them, how they are away from you and unable to harm or otherwise interact with you, unless how much you allow them to interact. Another method suggested by Dion Fortune in above mentioned work of her, she suggests simple method to close our energy leakage, while near them, and she describes the method as follows:

“When dealing with a person who saps your vitality, interlace your fingers, and lay your folded hands upon your solar plexus, keeping your elbows pressed against your sides. Keep your feet touching each other. You have thus contacted all your own terminals and made of your body a closed circuit. No magnetism will go out from you while you maintain this attitude. Your friend will probably complain of your lack of sympathy, however kindly you may speak.” *[1]

This is also a method of sealing your aura. Another, more specific method author suggest to seal your aura, for the approximate period of four hours is following (from the same book):

Stand upright and cross yourself, by touching forehead, breast, right shoulder and left shoulder, saying, “By the power of the Christ of God within me, whom I serve with all my heart and with all my soul and with all my strength (extend your hands forward as far as you can reach at the level of the solar plexus, finger tips touching, then sweep them round to the back and touch the finger-tips together again behind you, saying), I encompass myself about with the Divine Circle of His protection, across which no mortal error dares to set its foot.”

This is an old monkish formula. It is very effectual, but its potency only lasts aboutfour hours.” *[2]

A simple method of sealing your aura to prevent energy leakage, and other similar harmful affect that would disrupt your spiritual homeostasis, calls for red yarn (best if it’s the one you soaked in Holy water) to be tied around your waist, bellow your shirt so it remains unseen. This is a simple method both witches and cunning folk use on Balkan peninsula. I was taught to use it even as kid.

Severing the Rapport
One of the best methods to deal with energy vampires is to severe the pathological connection that is often created between vampire and their victim. This so called “rapport” is an energy cord, a natural consequence of occult pathological connections between two individuals ( parasite – victim, adept/practitioner – victim, servitor – creator of them, astral being – victim, ghost – human ) , created as permanent energy link between two parties. A soothing analogy is astral cord between physical and astral body.

To cut this tie, an occult ritual is preformed that includes visualization and creation of protection circle, creation of astral weapon (sword), and severing the rapport with it, then setting the remaining alight with spiritual/astral torch. These steps are undertaken via practitioners careful visualization, followed with reciting certain affirmative words of power and using Divine names as symbol of authority and mastery over these adverse creatures and their abusive attacks. For the complete, detailed instructions for the ritual, I shall once again refer you to Psychic Self Defense by Dion Fortune. I must only add that, this ritual would ideally be done by some fellow practitioner, as victims of vampirism are fable of health and their mental focus might not be the best.

I believe I have found another method of severing this type of connection. Experience had taught me that cut and clear Hoodoo formulas, can be used for more than mere cutting away old partners and bad romances. If the Vampire is Human just do a normal Cut and Clear spell, a bath followed by some form of “Cut and clear spell” preferably following some banishment or Hot Footing. To make sure they will not come back finish with “Lost and away type” of work. Also “Cast off evil” formulas are ideal to be combined with “Cut and Clear” here.

If the Vampire is a spiritual leech, simply anoint a top of sharp pointed crystal (like Kunzite or Clear or Smokey Quartz) or dagger (be careful not to cut yourselves) with “Cut and Clear oil” and pass over your chakra points.

Spells to “destroy” Energy Vampires
The following are instructions for a typical witchcraft spell, to permanently disable vampire from harming one
1) Make a poppet to represent the vampire, personalize it as much as you can, and add any personal concerns of vampire you can get your hands on in the doll
2) Consecrate or/and baptize the poppet/doll the way you normally do
3) Charge the poppet/doll holding it in your hands, chanting the parasite’s name or simply thinking of them. Your hands should soon start having sensation of tingling
4) Lay the poppet on the altar, placing it between two lit black candles
5) If You have it, previous to lighting, dress the candles with “Cat off evil” oil and dust them with cayenne flakes, Black pepper and Sulphur. Do the same (anointing and dusting) with the poppet
6) Chant the following (or read Psalm 10th , 13th and 91st)

Psychic vampire set me free.
No powers have you over me.
By number three times number three,
All harm you’ve done returns to thee!

7) Drive a wooden stake through a doll’s/puppet’s heart, so to symbolize your triumph over the enemy saying: “So mote it be!”
8) In white cloth along with some salt and dispose away from your property. *[3]

Protection Charms and Methods

There are quite a few botanicals, animal curios as well as minerals that provide great protection against psychic vampires. Now, keeping in mind that the rapport (link) between energy parasite and their victim is not as strong as one created by most of other aggressors, good protection in most cases is on itself, enough to cut the rapport, by making it inefficient, and consequently gradually “dissolving” it. Still, it is highly advisable to, perform some cleansing work, or any of the methods described earlier.
This is strongly advised particularly in cases If the link between vampire and victim is long standing, and If the victim has exposed tendencies to “return” to the parasite.

Here is a list of some useful charms (I have also given the explanations, alongside each item, as to why I think it might be helpful)
• High John TC root – to conquer your enemies and overcome their power
• Sampson snake root – To give strength and endurance and to make you successful
• Mint – for it will give power of mind, and sharpness in need times and
intuitions, also has wide range of uncrossing and unjinxing properties
• Lemon – Due to it’s cut and clear effect
• Poppy seeds – To confuse them and decrease their
• Master root – to dominate and master your enemies
• Master of the woods – To protect (against) and overcome adverse conditions, and enemies
• Green Aventurine stone – Among the best “cures” for energy vampirism, also provides shield for the heart chakra and soothes
• Rusty bent nail – Interferes and decreases significantly abilities of vampire attack, as well as any psychic and most of occult attacks
• Camphor – Tincture or chunks, because of their powers to disrupt enemies activities

Atypical energy vampires
In earlier given classification of energy vampires I have given, I could have added third category of “atypical energy vampires”. The reason I did not do this, due to the fact that they are actually not the same species, kind if You will. Atypical energy vampire are beings varying in terms of origin and species, having the same modus opernadi, the same or similar energy draining abilities, like energy vampires. Some examples are Lamias, Baobhan Sidhe and so on.

Being different kind of beings, their behavior, and methods of dealing with are completely different.

This article is written by myself, but following sources were quoted (as labelled) in text
[1] Dion Fortune Psychic Self-Defense
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Psychic Self-Defense
[3] Gerina Dunwich
A Witches Guide to Ghosts and Supernatural , spell was used from this work, but significantly edited by me
Other spells and procedures are result of occult experience and are standard measures undertaken when fighting this occult condition, or are suggested by me.
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Reflection on Your Harvest

As the sacred Wheel of the Year is turning towards Lughnasadh and beyond in the Southern Hemisphere, now is the time for bringing in your harvest, for giving thanks for or acknowledging what you have received (whether expecting or not). Sometimes the reasoning behind what we have received is not always clear to us at the time – we need to have “faith” as the underlying meaning will make itself known when the “time is right”. This meaning may even call for an action or direction that we have not been expecting.

Effects of a Lunar Eclipse (Tanaaz)

A total lunar eclipse happens when the earth’s shadow falls directly over the full moon. For a brief period, the moon disappears and the night turns dark. In ancient times, it was believed that this darkness was a sign of great change and a bad omen for what was to come. These beliefs have created superstitions around lunar eclipses, some of which are still observed today, most of them seem to stem from the fact that the dark night and shadow on the moon brings an ominous feeling.