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This page is a listings page for various Pagan organisations, Pagan friendly business and other services located within Australia. If you would like anything added here, please contact us.

Please note that the Temple of the Dark Moon may not necessarily personally support every listing provided below except for the fact that what they offer may be of benefit to the Australian Pagan community as a whole.


Caer Australis explores the Celtic world from Australia, where the reversed seasons have inspired a new perspective and shed light on the ancient distinct Brythonic, Cornish and Welsh traditions.

Church of All Worlds Australia: Contact address is PO Box 238, Fairy Meadow NSW 2519.

Pagan Alliance Inc (South Australia): The South Australian branch of the Pagan Alliance Inc holds "Pagans in the Pub" meetings on the first Tuesday of each month. Free entry for members, only a gold coin donation for non-members. Held in the function room of the Queens Arms Hotel, 88 Wright Street, Adelaide.

Pagans in the Pub: For information about Pagan in the Pub meetings around Australia.

Spheres of Light is an eclectic Pagan group based in Illawirra, Sydney that holds Full Moons and Dark Moon circles as well as various workshops and other events.

Witchy Wisdom is the web site of Australian author and musician, Leonora. It contains articles offering previously hidden "Occult secrets" based on Knowledge gained within the Inner Circle of the Australian branch of the Great White Brotherhood of Light (1970-1992). Her books on Magic can be purchased through Lulu.


  • Crystal Wave: 665 Grange Road, Grange (Phone: 08 8235 1817). Has a lot of crystals, as well as stocking some books, incense, etc.

  • Eternal Spirit: Goodwood Road, Wayville (Phone: 08 8271 9666). Large range of crystals, as well as feng shui and jewellery.

  • Gyspy Rose: 49a Semaphore Road, Semaphore (Phone: 08 8449 9700). A tiny shop packed with crystals, incense, clothing, etc.

  • Honey Shop & Soap Box: Central Market. Refill your essential oil bottles here for the best prices, excellent for buying small quantities of herbs, bees wax candles, incense, etc.

  • New Dimensions Bookshop: 310 South Terrace, Adelaide (Phone: 08 8223 4877). Has a great selection of new and second hand books, as well as a book club. Will order almost any kind of magickal book without batting an eye.

  • Quantum Bookshop: 113 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide (Phone: 08 8267 1579). Also has a great selection of occult books and will order almost anything.

  • Witchabilia: Genuine cast iron cauldrons from $50 for half litre size to $220 for 16 litres size (freight not included).


Anthea Wright is an extremely talented South Australian fantasy artist whose individual flair is something to be admired. She is the designer of the Temple's High Priestess's soon to be available book. Anthea is available for portraits, commissioned works etc at reasonable rates.

Dragon's Eye Tours organises initimate and unique tours of England's West Country (Avebury, Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Tintagel) and Ireland. Experience the spiritual, the magickal and the mystical under the guidence of Christine as well as numerous guests along the way, including Professor Ron Hutton (England) and Wiccan Elders Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone (Ireland).

Enchanted Emerald Forest Designs creates beautiful Goddess and fae inspired clothing that are perfect for almost every occasion.

Moon Diaries have been available for over 10 years now and each year they are beautifully handcrafted by Shekhinah Morgan.

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