Basic Ethics and Philosophies

Central to the practices of the Temple of the Dark Moon is the spiritual ethical teachings of contemporary witchcraft that each member endeavours to follow, to the best of their own individual ability.  These ethics can be found contained within the Wiccan Rede and the Charge of the Goddess (amongst other papers), and mean that:

  • We believe in and honour the divine (deity), understanding it is both immanent (indwelling) as well as transcendent (beyond the limits of humanness).
  • We live life with consideration of others and other beings for after all we are all interconnected within the web of life.
  • We observe the natural cycles and attune ourselves to these rhythms thus enhancing the understanding of what which flows around us also flows through us.
  • Magick is a natural part of these cycles which we are able to capture and manipulate in order to gain a greater awareness to our own existence.

We are mindful of the words of the Goddess whose advises us within the lines of the Charge of the Goddess to …

“Keep pure your highest ideals; strive ever towards them, let naught stop you nor turn you aside.”

To all prospective students of the Temple of the Dark Moon, and indeed to anyone who wishes to follow the path of the contemporary witchcraft, we ask:

  • What are YOUR purest ideal?
  • What is the desire in YOUR heart, your Highest Self?
  • Are you following your own purest ideal, or is ego getting in the way?

The Temple of the Dark Moon believes that we each have a moral obligation to pursue our own spiritual evolution, to strive toward our own inner or higher divine potential. For some of us, we prefer to take this journey alone and at our own pace – for those who wish to find

We also believe in the following …

  • We are all heading towards the same goal (spiritual enlightenment) although on different paths, and therefore respect and tolerance for all religious practices should be given.
  • Everyone has the right of free will and therefore we are responsible for our own actions.
  • That respect and love of nature as Divine makes ecological awareness and activity an important factor.
  • That with the proper training and intent our minds and hearts are capable of performing all magick and miracles we are ever likely to need.

Before any prospective student contacts us with a desire to join the Temple of the Dark Moon, we strongly recommend that the above is read and pondered on what is written.  Only if you agree with these words should you email our High Priestess in order to discuss about further study options.

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