Autumn has Arrived and Life is Busy

Day light savings has finally ended this weekend and now the autumn’s arrival is starting to be more noticeable, even if the temperature seems to say otherwise.

March has been a rather busy month for me. It commenced with me taking part in what was billed as the “largest online magical conference in the world”, that being WitchCon, over the weekend of 5 to 7 March 2021 (8 March here in Australia). My presentation on Exploring the Shadowy Realms of the Dark Goddess was well received with some 40 watching live despite me being up against a number of other presenters including Laurie Cabot, “Salem’s resident witch”. As all the presentations were recorded, from what I understand you can still purchase tickets which will entitle you to unlimited access to all the 90 odd presentations.

For the remainder of March I seemed to be manning my LunaNoire Creations stall at various markets around Adelaide and the surrounds, with still more markets taking place over the coming months.

My book, Encountering the Dark Goddess: A Journey into the Shadow Realms, was finally released at the end of March so copies are now available through all the usual outlets. If your local bookshop doesn’t stock it, they now can contact their distributor to do that. Signed copies are available directly through me.

On Good Friday, I joined Jo Avalon with her Cuppa Chat that should be made available on her web site, Avalon by Nature, soon. And in a couple of weeks I will be sitting down the wonderful Lucy Cavendish for her Witchcast.

As the cooler weather approaches, it seems the perfect time to start getting crafty. May dates have been set for a number of practical crafting workshops including the Making a Witch’s Protection Bottle and the Sacred Scents – Incense Making workshops being held back to back over one weekend. This means that if you book in for both workshops, I will give you a discount.

In June I will be taking part in MoonCon, a free weekend event consisting of talks, panels and live Q&A sessions hosted by Moon Books, the publishers of my most recent books. The event will be live streamed on Moon Book’s Facebook page and I will be forming a panel with Julie Brett and Jane Meredith, two other Australia authors, on Sunday, 6 June at 10am (British time) which equates to around 6.30pm Adelaide times.

Later in June I will be running the Spells, Amulets and Talismans workshop that was postponed last year due to COVID. This will be followed up in July with a workshop on Poppet or Attraction Doll making.

Once August comes around, that will mean the official release of Contemporary Witchcraft: Foundational Practices for a Magical Life, my second book to be published through Moon Books. If you are not able to wait until August, I have pre-release copies of this book also available through LunaNoire Creations.

As if all this is not enough, I am also in the process of designing better and more topical videos for my YouTube channel. It is just finding the time at the moment. However if there are specific topics that you would like me to discuss, please subscribe to the channel and let me know.

All this activity is setting the foundations for something that is slowly starting to manifest behind the scenes, with the proposed birth around the spring equinox. If you are interested in finding out more, make sure that you follow the Temple of the Dark Moon on Facebook.

Blessings, Frances

Autumn on the Air

According to the general populace, 1 March is considered to herald in the cooler season of autumn, bringing with it much appreciated relief from our hot southern summers.  This year our summer here in southern Australia has been somewhat comfortably mild which is a relief after the 2019-2020 summer season which saw many areas of the country ablaze – however is our unpredictable weather luring us into a false sense of security?

As we know however, anything could happen temperature wise during March. Whatever the case, there is definitely a chill in the air and the evening shades are closing earlier.

March heralds the autumnal equinox as the sun enters the sign of Pisces, which will be taking place around 8:07pm on 20 March. The word equinox is derived from a Latin word believed to mean “equal night”. In other words, where the hours of night and day are nearly equal in length. (They are not quite equal due to the wobble of the earth on its orbit.)

While the Northern Hemisphere enters the time where energy is manifesting for action at the spring equinox, here south of the equator it is repose after action at the autumn equinox.

We can take satisfaction in the work undertaken during the warmer months and reap the benefits.  Daylight saving will conclude at the end of the month and with it, the realisation that summer will be over.  While there are still a couple of weeks before the autumn equinox arrives, now is a good time to start making preparations for the colder winter months.

On Saturday, 20 March, I will be hosting a event that honours the autumn equinox here in Adelaide at The Connection Centre in North Adelaide. During this event we will be exploring the myths and folklore surrounding the autumn equinox, undergo a sacred journey in order to find balance in our lives, and create a special charm that will protect and guide us through the darker months of the year that we will empower. Tickets for this event can be found here.

The following is a wonderful seasonal poem by William Blake.

To Autumn
by William Blake (from Poetical Sketches, 1783)

O Autumn, laden with fruit, and stain’d
With the blood of the grape, pass not, but sit
Beneath my shady roof; there thou may’st rest,
And tune thy jolly voice to my fresh pipe,
And all the daughters of the year shall dance!
Sing now the lusty song of fruits and flowers.
“The narrow bud opens her beauties to
The sun, and love runs in her thrilling veins;
Blossoms hang round the brows of Morning, and
Flourish down the bright cheek of modest Eve,
Till clust’ring Summer breaks forth into singing,
And feather’d clouds strew flowers round her head.
“The spirits of the air live in the smells
Of fruit; and Joy, with pinions light, roves round
The gardens, or sits singing in the trees.”
Thus sang the jolly Autumn as he sat,
Then rose, girded himself, and o’er the bleak
Hills fled from our sight; but left his golden load.

Expressions of Interest Now Open

Stand beneath the rising moon
Listen for the invoking tune
A sign that witches meet once more
Amongst the stars, behind closed doors.
Linking hearts and hands to make a ring
Reciting calls the Old Gods bring
Round and round the circle spins
The power is raised and the magick begins

Time is approaching for the Temple of the Dark Moon to open its doors once more. A lot of changes have taken place behind the scenes since this last occurred.

Regardless of whether you have been a member of the Inner or Outer court, have attended a course, workshop, public event or none … if you are genuinely interested in the practices of magick, ritual, contemporary witchcraft and can align with our ethics and philosophies, then email our High Priestess with your expression of interest.

** You must be able to travel to our covenstead on a regular basis.

Full Moon Meditation at Grange Beach

I normally organise the Full Moon Meditations and Ceremonies to take place on the evening prior to the actual date of the full moon (6:47 pm here in Adelaide) however due to commitments Friday evening, the February Full Moon gathering will be taking place on Saturday, 27 February 2021 at 8:00pm.

This full moon will be in the mutual earth sign of Virgo which is known as a sign of health and healing. This makes it an auspicious time to let go of anything that is standing in the way of your wellness — unhealthy habits, unchecked emotional baggage, or even clutter in your home. Use the illuminating power of the full moon to see exactly what needs to be cleansed out of your life to allow for fresh growth.

Join me at Grange Beach for a meditation and ceremony under the full moon.

We will be meeting at the northern end of the grassed area in front of the Grange Hotel just prior to 8:00pm. Shortly thereafter we will venture down to the foreshore.

Children are welcome to attend however they are the sole responsibility of their parents/guardians.

Cost: A gold coin donation to charity

Working with the New Moon in Aquarius

In a few days time the current waning moon will come to the end of this current cycle before disappearing from view only to re-appear once more. Here in Adelaide the first sliver of light of the re-emerging new moon will take place around 5:35am on Friday, 12 February. The astrological sign will be Aquarius, the water bearer, the exact sign it was in for January.

Over the last few years a lot more people seem to be interested in working with the moon’s waxing and waning energies. It is common these days to come across memes, Facebook postings and the like that offer basic advice such as:

  • Use the new moon as a time to set goals and intentions that you want to fulfill by the next full moon, and
  • Use the full moon to release something from your life so you can make space for something new and better by the next new moon.

Or if you work with all the eight phases then:

  • The new moon is a blank slate, the time of fresh starts, taking time for yourself, soul-searching, manifesting, setting goals and intentions, reboot.
  • The waxing crescent moon is the time to put in the work to manifest the goal or intention that you set during the new moon.
  • The first quarter moon is when you need to work on your motivation, overcome any procrastination and deal with self-sabotaging behaviours.
  • The waxing gibbous moon is a time to make refinements to your goals, and your strategy, see what is working and what is not.
  • The full moon is a time to celebrate and reap the benefits of what you set in motion during the new moon.
  • The waning gibbous moon is a time of releasing and letting go of things that no longer serve you such as negative self-talk, fear, relying too much on others, or even toxic relationships.
  • The last quarter moon is a time to make space to receive. If you have ended say a toxic relationship, then clear space to welcome a positive, motivating friend.

While there is nothing wrong with working with the lunar energies as such, my personal preference is to take into consideration all the other cosmic happenings that are taking place around the new moon before I “plant” any intentions. This means that instead of focusing purely on “low level” (materialistic or mundane) needs and wants, I am also considering what I call “higher level” manifestations to assist other more spirituality aligned aspects in my life.

In working this way, it also means that new moon intentions need to “marinate” in the energy for a longer period of time that enables us to undergo the appropriate experiences and even shifts in patterns to occur. As such the seed that has been planted often does not actually manifest properly until the timing of the full moon in that originating sign.

In other words, intentions that I planted during the January new moon (Aquarius) and which I am intending to plant during this upcoming new moon, I actually will not expect to see manifestation until the July and August full moons.

I explain more about how I personally work with the moon in my next book (that I am still writing). However I thought I would share the above just to give of a bit of food for thought that there is a lot more available to us in the greater scheme of things if we take the time and explore a little bit deeper.

Lunar Blessings

Lughnasadh: The Wake of the Lord of the Grain

As the Wheel of the Year turns, those of us residing south of the equator find ourselves at the gateway to the autumn months and the darker months of the year.  Ironically, however, this gateway tends to herald in the hottest weather as if the sun is determined to cleanse and purify the southern lands through the element of fire before its departure is well and truly noticed. Traditionally, the sabbat celebrated is that of the first harvest, Lughnasadh (from the Irish Gaelic Lúnasa) or Lammas (from the Anglo-Saxon hlaf-mas, “loaf-mass”) and when “the feast of the first fruits” was observed.  In the agricultural year, Lughnasadh or Lammas also marked the end of the hay making season that had commenced as early as mid Summer.

According to Irish mythology, the festival of Lughnasadh were first observed by the God Lugh as a funeral feast and games in honour of his foster mother Tailtiu who had died from exhaustion after clearing the plains of Ireland for agriculture.  Originally known as Óenach Tailten, these games were held at Tailtin in what is now County Meath and were considered to be similar to the ancient Greek Olympic Games in that they included ritual athletic and sporting contests. The Óenach Tailten also included fairs, the drawing-up of contracts, and matchmaking.  Trial marriages were also were conducted, where young couples joined hands through a hole in a wooden door.  These marriages lasted a year and a day, at which time the union could be made permanent or broken without consequences.  When the games were revived in the 20th century, they were known as the Tailteann Games

Here in central southern Australia, the hay and grain harvest has long been collect, and with the intensive weather at the start of the year (that brought an early and rather frightening start to the bush fire season), there is limited bounty to reap from my garden as corn, tomatoes, lettuce and celery all perished.  Yet, being a festival which can also be seen as a Wake for the Sacred King (the Lord of the Grain), this appears rather appropriate. 

A “Wake” (from the Old English wacan meaning to “wake up” or wacian “to be awake, keep watch”) was a custom in most Celtic countries in Europe for mourners to keep watch or vigil over their dead until they were buried.  At Lughnasadh, we prepare ourselves to observe the Wake of the Sacred King whose life has been sacrificed in order for ours to be strengthened.  And while the sun continues to entice us outdoors, we are reminded of the more festive aspect of this time of the year – the fairs, handfastings and feasts, as are expressed in the following poem, “The Rigs O’ Barley” by Scottish poet Robbie Burns:

It was on a Lammas night, when corn rigs are bonie,
Beneath the moon’s unclouded light, I held away to Annie:
The time flew by, wi tentless heed, till ‘tween the late and early;
Wi’ sma’ persuasion she agreed to see me thro’ the barley.

The sky was blue, the wind was still, the moon was shining clearly;
I set her down, wi’ right good will, amang the rigs o’ barley
I ken’t her heart was a’ my ain; I lov’d her most sincerely;
I kissed her owre and owre again, among the rig o’ barley.

I locked her in my fond embrace; her heart was beating rarely:
My blessings on that happy place, amang the rigs o’ barley.
But by the moon and stars so bright, that shone that hour so clearly!
She ay shall bless that happy night, amang the rigs o’ barley.

I hae been blythe wi’ Comrades dear; I hae been merry drinking;
I hae been joyfu’ gath’rin gear; I hae been happy thinking:
But a’ the pleasures e’er I saw, tho three times doubl’d fairley
That happy night was worth then a’ among the rig’s o’ barley.

Corn rigs, an’ barley rigs, an’ corn rigs are bonie:
I’ll ne’er forget that happy night, among the rigs wi’ Annie.

Source: Robert Burns Country

Are You Ready for Magick?

Already the first month of 2021 is drawing to a close, however the constant changing environment that we have found ourselves in during the last 12 months hasn’t really let up. Maybe this is the new “normal” and we need to get used to the ebbing and flowing chaotic nature around us which, when you think about it, is what our natural world actually is. What has happened is that we humans, who love order and structure, have forgotten how to move with the changing tides.

Some things do need a bit of structure however which is the call for expression of interest in going out for those wishing to gather again with like minded people.

The first offering is Gathering around the Cauldron, which is intended to be a series of specifically designed monthly meetups for witches, as well as other magical practitioners, wishing to explore the various practices and philosophies of magic, ritual and contemporary witchcraft with likeminded people. There will be the opportunity to learn about and explore other styles of magick and witchcraft, to undertake practical crafting, and even an opportunity to honour the seasonal festivals (sabbats) with other people.

Regardless of experience level, each meetup will be combination of theory, discussion and practical application with the emphasis being placed on the Southern Hemisphere. It should be pointed out that Gathering around the Cauldron is not intended to be a “teaching” group (although it may lead into one if there is the interest).

The second expression of interest being sought is for a High Magick study group. This will be a teaching circle where instruction on various techniques and magical formula utilised by organisations such as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, including the qabalah, planetary magick and more. As a study group, participants will require to obtain specific texts, keep a journal and undertake their own practice.

Whilst the venue for both groups has yet to be determined, three possible locations are being considered, being North Adelaide, Port Adelaide or the Temple’s covenstead in Parafield Gardens.

If you would like to take part in these monthly meetings then email Frances with “Expression of Interest” in the subject line and indicate which group (or both), preferred location, and a little bit about yourself.

Moon Magick for 2020

A Gregorian year is upon us which means it is time to get out the diaries in order to work out when the differing phases of the moon occur in your neck of the woods. I have recently shared some of my thoughts about working with the moon, and more importantly, understanding the correct timing. This video can be found here: Timing and the Moon – YouTube.

For anyone working magick, knowing when the moon moves from the different phases can provide additional energies to not only your spell crafting but other magical workings such as what rituals you undertake, any devotional work you may do, or even simply in the understanding of your place in the greater scheme of things – why you do or feel the way you do.

The following chart is calculated to Australian Central Standard Time (ie, South Australia) and also takes into consideration Day Light Savings which is observed here in South Australia.

New MoonFirst QuarterFull MoonLast Quarter
6 Jan – 8:07 pm
13 Jan – 3:30 pm21 Jan – 7:31 am29 Jan – 5:46 am5 Feb – 4:07 am
12 Feb – 5:35 am20 Feb – 5:17 am27 Feb – 6:47 pm6 Mar – 12 noon
13 Mar – 8:51 pm22 Mar – 1:10 am29 Mar – 5:18 am4 Apr – 7:32 pm
12 Apr – 12 noon20 Apr – 4:28 pm27 Apr – 1:01 pm4 May – 5:20 am
12 May -4:29 am20 May -4:42 am26 May – 8:43 pm2 Jun – 4:54 pm
10 Jun – 8:22 pm18 Jun – 1:24 pm25 Jun – 4:09 am2 Jul – 6:40 am
10 Jul – 10:46 am17 Jul – 7:40 pm24 Jul – 12:06 pm31 Jul – 10:45 pm
8 Aug – 11:20 pm16 Aug-12:49 am22 Aug – 9:31 pm30 Aug – 4:43 pm
7 Sep – 10:21 am14 Sep – 6:09 am21 Sep- 9:24 am29 Sep -11:27 am
6 Oct – 9:35 pm13 Oct – 1:55 pm21 Oct – 1:26 am29 Oct – 6:35 am
5 Nov – 7:44 am11 Nov-11:15pm19 Nov-7:27 pm27 Nov-10:57 pm
4 Dec – 6:13 pm11 Dec-12:05 pm19 Dec-3:05 pm27 Dec-12:53 pm

When working with the moon, I prefer to work just prior to the actual date to ensure that I am utilising as much of the preferred energy as I can. For example, if I want to perform a manifestation spell to coincide with the February full moon, I would perform it on the evening of the 4th February because after 4:07 am the lunar energies will start to wane.

Pray to the moon when she is round, Luck with you will then abound.
What you seek for shall be found, On the sea or solid ground.

A rule of thumb when working with the moon is:

New Moon: Psychic work and planting “seeds” of what you want to manifest (bring into your life).

Waxing Moon: Invoking and manifesting magick.

Full Moon: Final manifestation, psychic or gratitude workings.

Waning Moon: Banishing, removing obstacles.

Some magical people also work with the dark moon. As mentioned in my video, I consider this phase of the moon to take place just before the new moon, when there is not even a slight sliver of Lady Lunar in the skies.

A New Year, A New Start

Finally, 2020 has been put to rest and what a year it has been – filled with challenges and moments of release as well as inward explorations into a whole new potential. As the new Gregorian year dawns, many of us are approaching it with a degree of hesitancy as the chaos that we became so intimately aware of during this last year, seems to be with us for a while yet. 

However, there is much hope on the horizon – after 2021 equates to the number 5 which represents personal freedom (and the responsibility that comes with freedom) as well as change. Unexpected things may tend happen where the change is more acceptable and tolerated (especially compared to what we have more recently experienced). These changes will open up a greater sense of freedom that could be brought about through trying, learning about or adopting different approaches, new ways of doing things, as well as adopting new interests and learnings. We have already seen some of these things happen during 2020 with more people working from home, more on-line video conferencing platforms were established to continue teachings, which in itself enable more people to gain access to this information.

Within Chinese astrology, 2021 is the year of the White Metal Ox (beginning from the second full moon of the year, on 12 February). The ox is very hardworking and methodical and as such, 2021 is the year where work will get rewarded. The yin energy is rather poignant and the full weight of responsibilities will be felt, especially when it comes to accomplishing goals. As such, it will be necessary to really double your efforts in order to achieve things. 

In summary, the White Metal Ox will be a year to focus on career, finances, love, education, travel and health.

The construction of a vision or goal board for 2021 seems to be more appropriate than ever in order if we are to remain focused on achieving our goals. As such, I will be holding my Manifesting Your Dreams workshop on Saturday, 16 January 2021.

When you make a “vision board”, you get clear on what you want to create in your life. Once you get clarity, you capture them in a series of images and words that are pasted to a piece of cardboard. Through the simple act of seeing your own “vision board” each day aligns your brain with the outcomes you desire for your life.

As there are limited places available for this workshop (especially at the price that I am offering), bookings are essential so make sure you register for Manifesting Your Dreams workshop as soon as you are able to. 

If you are seeking a new start at a deeper, soul level, then my latest offering, Journey into Freedom with Kali, may be what you are looking for. This 21 day on-line sadhana (spiritual practice) invites you to enter into the sacred temple of the Hindu Dark Mother. Here you will explore the sacred myths and practices to aid your on your exploration with the goddess. The sacred devotional practices that will be offered will enable you to connect with this powerful goddess on a deep soul level in order to bring about ultimate change.

Every day you will receive an email that will contain information of this powerful goddess. Some may contain mythology and personal connections, others suggested prayers and ritualistic practices for you to undertake. You will also receive a guided meditation for you to undertake as frequently as you wish to further enhance your connection and relationship with Kali. How deep you go is entirely up to you. More information about Journey into Freedom with Kali can be found here.

Whatever this new year brings, I wish you all the best for it.

Blessings, Frances

Full Moon Gathering

A special Full Moon Gathering will be taking place on Tuesday, 29 December 2020 on the evening prior to the actual timing of the full moon (1:58pm ACDT on 30 December 2020) at Grange Beach, Adelaide.

Celebrate the closing of what has been a rather challenging year for many of us as the moon resides in its own astrological sign of Cancer, enabling us to contemplate the base upon which we have built our lives, our concept of “family” (biological or chosen), the place we call “home” and the love that comes from deep within.

This Cancer Full Moon is also the time for birthing into the world energy, ideas, projects associated with our own life’s foundations.

Participants to bring:
Something biodegradable to represent what you wish to release from your life (ie, flower, shell, pebble).
Small candle (ie, tee light)
Drums (optional)

Cost: Gold coin donation to charity.

If you would like more information, please email Frances or contact us through the Facebook event.