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As Australian is a land of extremes, some people may find that in working with the more traditional story of the Goddess and God, the one found in most books written for the Northern Hemisphere, can be a little out of place. The following version of the dance between the Goddess and God is found in Lynne Hume's "Witchcraft and Paganism in Australia" and is added as an extra thought when attuning to the seasonal changes.

November is the time when the Goddess leads the young God into sexual initiation. The young God then grows and becomes, in the scorching heat of December, the Summer King and She becomes the Red Queen, both beautiful and terrible. They dance the land-marriage and in a powerful rite are transformed; the God self-immolates but His ashes fall onto the ground, creating bushfires. Thus, He is flame and ash, and She, as Earth, becomes scorched and parched, and takes on the Crone aspect.

In January the Goddess is the Dark Goddess and the God is the Lord of Shadows. She is the death bringer through heat. In February, flash floods are added to the violent of the drought. The God grows while waiting for the rain. In March, the Goddess reaches a transition and here She looks to new beginnings. The Maiden emerges from the shadow of the Crone, bringing healing rains which nurture the Earth and engender potential for life. Seeds germinate. She flirts with the life spirit who is the God locked in the Underworld. He captures Her and takes Her into His realm of dreams. This Lord of Shadows initiates Her into the Mysteries and in May she begins to learn the power of self-knowledge.

From May to June She becomes the Queen of the Underworld and they are in balance and harmony and release creative energy into the world. Unfurling leaves of new plants are enriched by the now fertile Earth.

In July and August She teaches the young God the mysteries of the world and in September they play in the green woods. She assumes the cloak of the Earth Mother, He is the young Forest Lord. In October, Spring is in full bloom and they explore their sexuality. In November they come together in the Great Rite (sexual union), and the circle continues.

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