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The following information has adapted from Caer Australis, an Australian site that has a Brythonic approach to Paganism.

  • Imbolg (1 August) - Imbolg marks the "dawn" of the year with the forests being bright with the colour yellow as the Acacia trees coming into full flower. Until recently, 1 August was known as "Wattle Day". (This has now been moved to 1 September.) Nature celebrates the new year with a mantle of yellow.

Spring has arrived with the Australian Wattle in flower

  • Bealtaine (31 October) - This is the time when the brilliant red free-covering bell-flowers of the Flame Trees highlight our forests and gardens. The Melbourne Cup horse race is happily coincident with the Australian Bealtaine, being run on the second Tuesday in November, a day declared as a public holiday, even Parliament. In Australia, you might be told: "One thing you must remember, 'tis the merry month of November".

  • Lughnasadh (1 February) - February marks the Australian Mid Summer, being the hottest month and the time of bushfires. Much festivity is coincident with the Australian Lughnasadh, with Australia Day being held on 26 January. On this day in 1788 Europeans, including the convicts, first came ashore to establish the colony of New South Wales, and is seen as antecedent to the formation of Australia as a nation in the modern Western world. Today Australia Day sees a wide range of festivities including cultural celebrations of indigenous Aboriginals, as well as many of the immigrant cultures which make up this multi-cultural country.

  • Samhain (30 April) - This is the time of cool blue autumn skies, the end of the heat and the appearance of the silver Winter Sun. It is a poignant co-incidence that Australia and New Zealand's day of remembrance for their fallen in war, known as ANZAC Day, is on 25 April, should be so close to the Southern Hallowtide.

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