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The Temple of the Dark Moon's High Priestess, Frances, has been writing for various publications since 1995. The following are a small selection of what she has written, together with other articles that may be of interest.

As these articles are provided free of charge, if you enjoy them, all we ask is that you keep the goodwill circulating and make a donation to a charity of your choice.

Articles for Beginners

  • Introduction to Paganism

  • Paganism: Different Religion, Similar Belief

  • What is Magick?

  • The Ethics of Magick

  • What is the difference between Wicca and Wytchcraft?

  • Is Wicca the right Spiritual Path for Me?

  • Becoming a Wytch in the Modern World

  • Respecting other Pagan Traditions

  • Pagan Magickal Tools (Part I) (looks at the four "main" tools - the Athame, Chalice, Wand and Pentacle)

  • Pagan Magickal Tools (Part II) (looks at the use of an Altar, a Magickal Diary and Book of Shadows)

  • The Magick of the Moon

  • Circle Etiquette (looks at how you should conduct yourself within a public circle, in particular those organised by the Temple of the Dark Moon),

  • Other Magickal Articles

  • The Alexandrian Wiccan Tradition (Based on an article written by the Elders of the Alexandrian Tradition)

  • Ten Years after the Death of Alex Sanders (by Vivianne Crowley)

  • Understanding and Working with Deity

  • Meeting your Holy Guardian Angel (article by Nema)

  • Using the Power of Your Mind (article by Tara Wood)

  • Ceremonial Magick and the Qabalah

  • A Short Court in Scrying (by Benjamin Rowe)

  • The Wytches' God

  • My Sacrifice

  • Modern Moon Worship

  • The Celtic Tree Calendar (by RavenFox)

  • Wheel of the Year Articles
    The "Wheel of the Year" is a Pagan term for the seasonal celebrations that are usually observed throughout the year.

  • Surviving the Wheel of the Year

  • A Mid Winter Thought

  • An Imbolc Thought

  • A Spring Equinox Thought

  • A Bealtaine Thought

  • A Mid Summer Thought

  • A Lughnasadh Thought

  • An Autumn Equinox Thought

  • A Samhain Thought

  • Goddess Articles

  • The Divine Feminine

  • The Triple Goddess

  • The Goddess is Alive in Australia

  • Athena: Greek Warrior Goddess

  • Freya: Northern Love Goddess

  • Hathor: Mother of the Gods

  • Kuan Yin: The Mother of Compassion

  • Lakshmi: Hindu Goddess of Purification and Prosperity

  • Yemaya: Queen of the Oceans

  • The Goddess and the Seasons

  • Spring and the Virgin Goddess

  • Summer and the Mother Goddess

  • Autumn and the Time of the Crone Goddess

  • Winter and the Time of the Death Hag

  • Metaphysical Articles

  • The Key to Knowing Thy Self

  • Metaphysical Aspect of Healing

  • The Benefits of Meditation

  • The Role of a Spiritual Teacher

  • Creating your Power Song for Healing (by Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls)

  • Understanding Energy

  • The Power Within (An article from "Daily Om")

  • Folk Lore, Sacred Sites and the Environment

  • In Search for the Real Santa Claus

  • Callanish: Ancient Wonder of the North

  • The Magickal Isle of Skye

  • Tara: The Hill of Kings

  • Water: The Source of Life

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