Entering the Temple

Painting by John Weguelin of a priestess making offerings for the ka of a cat

Within contemporary Wytchcraft, when a circle is cast and purified, and the divine has been invoked, the space is transformed into our sacred temple, where we will stand before our Gods.  Therefore, anyone entering such a space and their conduct within should be that of a person “properly prepared”.

In order to become a person who is “properly prepared”, a degree of humility and reverence must be obtained which is something often gained through undergoing instruction that holds true to a certain element and which joins you into a wider and much deeper connection.

In these modern times it is often said that there are no longer any “secrets” when it comes to instruction in to esoteric traditions, that everything that was even knowledge is now available for all to see.  While on the surface this may indeed appear to be the case, for those trained in the esoteric traditions and who continue to see value and importance in such teachings, it is clearly obvious that the “secrets” often talked about refer to realisations that occur on a much deeper level.  When this occurs, then the “secret” lies in the interpretation and understanding at this deeper level – which in itself can only come through instruction in what to look for, and experience in what things mean.

When we enter the Temple, therefore, we are putting aside egoistic idealisms and assertions – for before the Gods, we are all deemed equal, and the hierarchal rank bestowed upon us refers to our ability of being of service to the Gods in assisting those who seek the knowledge to find the degree of humility and reverence necessary for this to be received.



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