About Our HPs

The Temple of the Dark Moon’s founder and High Priestess is Frances Billinghurst, who has been interested in and has studied various aspects of Paganism, metaphysics and the occult for most of her life. It was in fact her initial interest in metaphysics and spiritual theosophy in the late 1980s that led her to investigate the occult sciences further.

Frances is an initiated 3rd Degree Wytch and High Priestess of contemporary Wytchcraft, and holds an honourary 6th Temple Adeptus degree and Charter with the Ordrine Scatere Stellae (following the somewhat controversial later teachings of Alex Sanders from the 1980s prior to his death in 1988). She is also trained in Hermetic/ceremonial magick and has an interest in traditional Wytchcraft (ie, non-Gardnerian) as well as Goddess spiritual practices. In 2007 she received a Green Tara empowerment from Her Eminence Jetsun Kushok Rinpoche and a White Tara empowerment in 2017 by Gen Kelsang Dornying.

She founded the Temple of the Dark Moon in 1999 and since 2000, Frances’s involvement in Paganism and the Craft has been a full one, taking up much of her personal time, and often placing her in the public arena. As such, Frances has appeared in the local Adelaide newspaper, The Sunday Mail, The Age and also The Messenger.  From 2000 to 2006, she held the position of Secretary for the Pagan Alliance Inc (South Australia) and was involved in campaigning for Pagan rights with respect to the use of knives due to changes to the Offensive Weapons Act (SA) 2000,  as well as discrimination on the grounds of religion.

A prolific writer, Frances is the author of two books, and editor of a third.  She was the longest running contributor for Australia’s No.1 alternative lifestyle magazine, Insight, with her column running from 2002 until the magazine’s demise in September 2012.  She has contributed essays to over 20 publications around the globe as well as an increasing number of anthologies.  A complete list of these can be found here.

Since 1999, Frances has presented lectures, ran workshops and led rituals both within Australia as well as internationally.    More details about these can be found here.

When she is not presenting workshops or preparing study notes for her students, Frances enjoys painting, reading, learning how to garden in the harsh Adelaide climate, and focusing on writing her next book. Due to her extensive knowledge in ritual and spellcrafting, Frances also makes these services available.


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