Online with P.A.N.

PAGANdash hopes to better group pagan religions and this may help the Australian Bureau of Statistics to reduce the number of inadequate description responses which is over 137,000 respondents. Pagan Community Project, and specifically MorganAkasha asked Pagan Awareness Network (P.A.N.) to take over the running of the PAGANdash campaign after the 2006 census. In 2011, P.A.N. dedicated much of its early focus to the PAGANdash campaign, providing the website and all free downloads from it for all pagan groups across Australia.

One of the reasons behind specifying an “Other” religion is not necessary to provide a more accurate number of people within Australia who identify as pagan but also so to show the social acceptance of paganism and the gradual removing of any stigmas associated with pagan paths.

On Wednesday, 12 May 2021, at 7.30pm (Sydney time) P.A.N. will be going live on their Facebook page to not only launch this year’s PAGANdash campaign, but there will also a line up of speakers, including yours truly who has been invited as the key note speaker.

You can join the Facebook live here.