Connecting with the Dark Moon

Modern astrology tends to assign eight phases to the cycle of the moon. Commencing with the new moon from when the first sliver of light appears in the sky, moving through three waxing phases until the full moon, then moving through three waning phases before it disappears from sight, only to reappear again. What I find interesting is that the briefest of moments when the moon completely disappears from sight many astrologers tend to include this moment within the waning crescent phase. From a more esoteric point of view, there is a difference.

When the moon is not visible at all in the sky, this brief period of time is referred to as the “dark moon”. It is often seen as a time of ultimate rest, of deepest silence, and that magical pause between the exhalation (of the waning moon) and the first inhalation (of the new moon).

I personally see the dark moon as being similar to the unhewn stone of the Celtic tree calendar, the only day of the year that is not ruled by a tree and its corresponding ogham letter. The secret of this stone is found within the potential that it offers.

Another similarity can be found in the ancient Roman Festival of Acca Larentis, which today is considered to be a sacred day to the Goddess Laurentina, Mother of Lares. Laurentina was an earth goddess who guards the dead and seed corn. She commemorates the old year as well as the potential of the new year to come.

With the first sliver of the new moon reappearing in our skies from 4:29am tomorrow morning (AEST), you might simply want to undertake a meditation to help you ground and gain some clarity before opening yourself up to the Taurean energy of new moon.

This forthcoming new moon will invoke the energy of the materially focused earth sign, ruled by the planetary goddess of abundance, Venus. It is in this dark divine feminine energy that creation and birth can occur, reminding us to re-engage back with our physical body, emotions, and senses in order to discover what is right for ourselves. In short, this new lunar cycle is about empowerment and radical self care.

Taurus energy is all about self care that preserves your energy for what you truly value, setting boundaries, and not neglecting your well-being for the comfort of others. Putting yourself first is the ultimate form of self care, and this Taurean new moon urges you to break out of any devaluing and limiting situations with its connection to rebellious Uranus in Taurus.