Full Moon Meditation at Grange Beach

I normally organise the Full Moon Meditations and Ceremonies to take place on the evening prior to the actual date of the full moon (6:47 pm here in Adelaide) however due to commitments Friday evening, the February Full Moon gathering will be taking place on Saturday, 27 February 2021 at 8:00pm.

This full moon will be in the mutual earth sign of Virgo which is known as a sign of health and healing. This makes it an auspicious time to let go of anything that is standing in the way of your wellness — unhealthy habits, unchecked emotional baggage, or even clutter in your home. Use the illuminating power of the full moon to see exactly what needs to be cleansed out of your life to allow for fresh growth.

Join me at Grange Beach for a meditation and ceremony under the full moon.

We will be meeting at the northern end of the grassed area in front of the Grange Hotel just prior to 8:00pm. Shortly thereafter we will venture down to the foreshore.

Children are welcome to attend however they are the sole responsibility of their parents/guardians.

Cost: A gold coin donation to charity