COVID-19 and Responsibility of being a Public Person

There is certainly a divide when it comes to the coronavirus and now some six months after we were initially warned of it, many of us having restructured our lives around governmental advice, are certainly feeling “over it”.  However it is not over as is clearly seen in Victoria and now New South Wales, with these States recording record number of cases being detected, not to mention deaths relating to COVID-19.  This situation has also seen the manifest of various conspiracy theories and “alternative” motives as to why the whole world is seemingly being brought to its knees.

For those outside the health system or who are fortunate enough not to know anyone personally affected by this virus, such measures that are being imposed upon us may seem unfair and unjust, especially as we are rocked out of our comfort zone due to pending unemployment options, diminishing superannuation and finances, not allow to travel or even visit loved ones.  After six months of being told “we are all in this together”, I find it extremely disappointing when self-proclaimed “celebrity psychic” considers themselves to be an exemption to the rules. 

Not only has this person been publicly flaunting what they classify as “draconian law” by travelling outside the travel exclusion zones that their State government has put in place in an attempt to contain the spread of this extremely contagious virus, but after their courtship with the media does not go their way, have made statements such as “You don’t get to shut me down because you don’t like what I say” and “Where there’s a witch, there’s always a way and now you are also on my radar” on social media.

The back story is that on Monday, “Karen” (not their real name) attempted to confront staff at a hardware store over the mandatory use of face coverings amid the current coronavirus crisis that is spiraling into extremely worrying levels in their State.  The video of this confrontation resulted in them being interviewed on a morning television show a few days later.  However, after boldly declaring that as the virus was “bio-chemically engineered” (a reason why they refuse to wear a mask), they were asked if they held a medical degree, to which their response was that they didn’t however they had worked as a “medic some time ago”.  At this point the host decided to end the interview as he “couldn’t listen any longer” to the “irresponsible” views that were being made.

The psychic, who has happily courted the media on numerous occasions, then took to social media to advise the television show host could very well be included in the “Ritual of Justice” that they were intending to cast upon the Australian Government.

A further twist is that only as far as back as April, this person was sharing images of themselves not only wearing a mask but also gloves, urging her 1,800 odd followers that “the minute you step outside please wear a mask and gloves” as that the wearing of personal protective equipment was important due to “the virus is invisible and contraction is airborne. We can all contract COVID-19. We could all be carriers of the coronavirus. We could also be immune to the virus”, and “Don’t be fooled, the virus is real.”

I get it – six months down the track and we are all over it.  Personal and financial hardships, the ongoing negatively being reported in the media (first the virus and now to sorry economic state of the country).  And I am fine with people changing their minds. What does bug me with this story is when someone who has a similar spiritual path to me (used loosely however the public does not differentiate) is publicly announcing threats (veiled or otherwise) to compensate for their bruised ego.  How about being mindful that if you want to court the media that you are being seen as a representative of the whole community.

How this virus came about, I don’t know.  Whether governmental health guidelines are outdated, a cover-up or actual, again I don’t know.  All I do know is that this virus highly contagious and our health professionals are working around the clock attempting to deal with it.  Most people have already had some degree of their lives impacted, not to mention others being denied social contact at their most vulnerable times.  However, this so-called “celebrity” psychic really should get over their overinflated degree of self-importance. Instead of a “ritual of Justice” so that they don’t have to wear a mask in public, how about utilising their energy (and social media influence) more positively – like a cure, a reduction in the number of cases or severity of the effects of the virus for those who are personally affected by it.