Moving into a ‘4’ Year

With a new calendar year just around the corner, 2020 unveils the potential for the creation of a brand new operating manual for the next decade. This makes is a very special year of perfect vision and accomplishment. In 2020, the code of peace, 20/20 vision, and responsibility will help you create real results and security all year long.

In esoteric numerology the number ‘4’ represents order, responsibility, stability, family, home, manifestation, conservation, peace, physical reality, and practical solutions. It is the number of work — of getting it done. You are being asked in throughout 2020 to be fully invested in creating a foundation for long-lasting success, security, and grounding by building something of value that stands the test of time.

Next year will be about finding balance and peace in our lives, unity, partnerships and working together as a team. This will play-out in our own lives personally, but also globally with world leaders and humanity.

The number ‘4’ calms you down so that you can focus on what matters, and as such. are able to build your dreams. You will find the additional strength, discipline, and fortitude to work miraculous results for yourself. As 2020 progresses, it will create remarkable opportunities for you to move forward with diligence and courage. With full commitment and conscious engagement, you can open doors to immense success, happiness, and financial flow in your life in 2020.

With Saturn and Pluto forming an alignment that will great a massive energy burst. The alignment will not only set the dominating tone for the year but it will also be a major boost for our soul. The energies are aligning to bring about harmony on our planet. This current year (2019) has been preparing us for this new energy.

2020 will be the time when we have a boost in our vibration levels, an increase in our conscious self. Our energy will be combined and we will be thrown to upwards to reach spiritual heights. It called ascension – a movement towards the light. But there cannot exist light without some bits of darkness.

2020 does not come as a fix to the darkness around or in us. Rather, it arrives as a way to rise above that darkness. It is all about not falling but staying above it. Due to this, darkness will not reach us – it will drop itself.

Unlike light, darkness is heavy. Unless we rise and let go of it, it will keep holding us back, tied down to the ground. In 2002 we will be presented opportunities to let it all go. Shed some of the darkness, feel the light.

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