Hekate’s Feast

The true origins of Hekate appear to be lost amongst the mists of time however She is believed to have been a popular chthonian Goddess attested in early Mycenaean Greece as well as in Thace. Later, the Hellenic Greeks adapted Her into their pantheon where, although not considered a part of the Olympians, She had retained dominion over sky, earth and the Underworld making Her the bestower of wealth and the blessings of life.
In modern times, this Goddess is said rule over the moon, magick and wytchcraft, and even necromancy, with the crossroads being a special place to find Her shrines.

In modern times 13 August has become associated with the Goddesses Hekate and Artemis as a day/night to honour the Goddess and propitiate Her appropriately to ward off storms that could potentially destroy crops. While the observance of this day survives to present day, the origin and sources to back it up are not apparent. There is a believe however that the modern Feast of Hecate held on 13 August comes from the Nemoralia, the festival of Diana held in the groves at Nemi.

Regardless of its origins, on 10 August 2019 (the Saturday closest to the 13 August), the Temple of the Dark Moon will be holding a special rite, followed by a feast, in honour of Hekate, the Goddess of the Crossroads.

Strictly limited places available.

All participants will need to bring a personal offering for the Goddess Hekate (suggestions provided upon registration).

Limited active roles in the rite will also be available.

Cost: $30 (includes donation to the Animal Welfare League)

Please contact the Temple of the Dark Moon for more information and a registration form.

Bookings close 27 July (unless sold out prior).

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