Experiencing the Power of Ritual and Magick

Beginners to ritual magick are welcome to attend however the design of this course is that it is not necessarily a 101 course. Beginners are encouraged to thoroughly read the weekly notes as well as raise queries.

Through the exposure of various magickal and esoteric techniques, the emphasis will be on working ritual and magick within a group format in order to create a magickal egregore that will enable each participant to tap into the true concept of “walking between the worlds”.

Experience for yourself the power of ritual and magick that is experienced from The Wytch’s Circle.

The Wytch’s Circle course will include:
** Raising energy within a group context,
** Creating and working with a magickal egregore,
** Exploring Hermetic and ceremonial magick,
** Creating sigil and image magick,
** Walking between the worlds”,
and much more.

Strictly limited number of vacancies.  Registrations will close 20 May 2019.  Further information about The Wytch’s Circle can be found here.

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