Black Salt for Protection

Relatively easy to make, black salt consists of two parts sea salt and one part of scrapings from a cast iron skillet or pot, ash taken from your fire, finely ground black pepper, or even dried and powdered black food colouring.

When sprinkled around the perimeter of your property, black salt is believed to keep unpleasant people or things from entering. Keep a small amount in a cloth pouch under your desk at work as a means of preventing annoying or bullying co-workers from hanging around. You can also dress a black candle which is then rolled in black salt, and used in candle magick for banishing negative energies or people from your life.

Other uses for black salt can include opening your door and sprinkling some salt just outside while naming the person that you do not wish to visit your property again and the reasons behind not wanting them to visit. Alternatively, cast a line across your doorways and windows to keep out evil, avoid unwanted company, and reflect slander or jealousy back to the source. If you are feeling depressed, angry or even negative, add a couple of teaspoons of black salt into your bath water to absorb these unwanted feelings.

Black Salt is mostly used for dispelling negative energy and to create boundaries against enemies (it makes them feel like leaving) or that will render them powerless while in your area. It is also used in some folk magic traditions for cursing, hexing, and binding, and is known by other names such as Witch’s Salt, Drive Away Salt, Sal Negro and Indio Salt.