Honoring Hekate of the Underworld and Ourselves: A Death Walking Ritual of Transformation | Night of Hekate of the Underworld (Cyndi Brannen)

Night of Hekate of the Underworld is November 16. Celebrate her chthonic side and honor your own darkness with a solitary ritual sacrificing what longs to die within you to Hekate.  We hold within us all the energy of the Underworld. There are parts of us that long to die and others that call to be retrieved. On Hekate’s Night, offer to her the parts of you that need to die, thus creating the space for your soul to return.

Transformative Death Walking

Death walking refers to forms of witchcraft that explore the Underworld side of magick, including communicating with spirits and spiritual death. As witches, we are forever walking on the other side of the veil, whether through mediumship or personal development work. Offering to Hekate an emotional sacrifice of that which longs to die within us is part of our Witches’ Journey. Keeping the past and our pain on life support while we attempt to transform ourselves inevitably yields poor results. What is it that longs to die within you? A past hurt? A dysfunctional way of thinking? Perhaps ideas or practices relating to your witchery?

The Cycle of Death-Life-Rebirth

The cycle of death-life-rebirth is at the heart of witchcraft, especially the Hekatean variety. Hekate as an Underworld goddess has many roles that can help us achieve knowledge of the mysteries and experience rebirth. The ritual below, designed to be performed around the middle of November (particularly on Hekate’s Night) begins the transformation process through the death of what no longer serves us. This marks the entrance into the Underworld. On the Night of Hekate of the Crossroads (November 30), the threshold between the outer levels of the Underworld can be crossed so that we can retrieve pieces of our souls that have separated from our embodiment due to trauma. Soul retrieval is also done in order to gain insight into our life’s mission. Hekate as Psychopompe will guide us through this crossroads towards our soul, and ultimately, our truth. Finally, on the Winter Solstice, this cycle is complete through rebirth. We emerge from the Underworld connected to our purpose and our witchery.

This tripartite series of workings is not to be undertaken lightly. Entering the Underworld requires courage. This is a six week quest that requires much contemplation. Take good care of yourself while on this journey.

Hail Hekate, Torchbearing Guardian, Soul Guide, Night Wanderer!
Chthonic Goddess of the Threshold of All Things,
She who guards the gates of the Underworld!


The rest of this article written by Cyndi Brannen, including the above Underworld ritual, can be found here.


Cyndi Brannen is a witch and spiritual teacher, a trained energetic healer, psychic and herbalist. She is the author of Keeping Her Keys: An Introduction to Hekate’s Modern Witchcraft (Moon Books, due for release in April 2019).

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