New Directions for 2019

You may not be thinking about the upcoming new year but the Temple of the Dark Moon has, and what training will be offered, especially for those people who have already undergone some degree of training and study with us, in particular through the Gathering around the Cauldron and The Wytch’s Circle.

While details have yet to be finalised, applications for the 2019 Outer Court Training Circle, the first of such circle which the Temple of the Dark Moon has offered in a number of years, are now being taken in readiness to commence in February 2019.

The Outer Court Training Circle will be open to students who have already attended the Gathering around the Cauldron and/or The Wytch’s Circle who are interested in taking their involvement in contemporary wytchcraft to the next level, that being working towards entry into the Temple of the Dark Moon through dedication and gaining initiation into the appropriate traditions that the Temple aligns with.

:: Participants will engage in the study and discussion of the TDM’s Outer Court lectures, be invited to participate in the January beach esbat, take an active part in all other esbat and sabbat rites held throughout the year, and all training circles that are held on the first Thursday of each month at the covenstead.

:: Open to previous participants of Gathering around the Cauldron and/or The Wytch’s Circle who wish to expand their ritual knowledge and study into the magickal arts, as well as Inner Court members.

:: Can lead to dedication at the conclusion of the lectures which in turn can lead to initiation.

:: One off payment for the year required prior to the January commencement date.  Payment plans can be entered into at the discretion of the TDM’s High Priestess.


If you are interested in participating in the Outer Court Training Circle, please contact the TDM’s High Priestess expressing your interest and you will be provided with more information, together with the appropriate application forms in due course.