Meditation and Magick

A recent discussion raised a comment regarding the connection between the magickal arts and the practice of magick, or more appropriately was there any need for meditation within the magickal arts.

Learning the discipline of meditation is all about control over the mind … well it is for me anyhow.  It is about turning away from the noisy confusion of the projected external world and turning inward in order to gain clarity, peace of mind and even connection with the higher forces, ie the Gods.  When we are able to establish this place of inner calm, we become more alert, aware and focused in what we are doing.

While there is not evidence from the ancient grimoires that magicians have meditated, that is not to say that developing the discipline and control over your own mind will not assist in improving your magical goals.  Meditation in itself has been proven to have an assortment benefits to both physical health as well as mental acumen.  This in itself could encourage the magical practitioner to explore meditation techniques.

For me personally, I recommend the inclusion of meditation into one’s daily practice, not only because I teach meditation, but because, as already mentioned, meditation teaches the act of getting distracted from your focus, recognizing that this is happening, and then returning to the focus.  This action builds a knowledge of your own mind and mental process that will greatly aid with discernment.  As your physical body relaxes and you expand your own inner mental capability, you open yourself up to being able to be in contact with the higher, yet often more subtle, forces – those of the Gods, of spirit, of your own higher self or higher guardian angel, whatever term works best for you.

Being able to control the mind enables you to shift into different states of awareness, enabling you to access these higher realms without necessary the need for “full on” magical rites.  This does not mean to say that meditation is an alternative to forming magical rites – it means that once a relationship has been established, meditation could be used as an alternative communication route.

Meditation can be difficult discipline to master and can seem contradictory to other magical practices in that in magic, invocations tend to be vocalised externally, whereas meditation is an internal quiet process, this does not however imply that there are no benefits gained from including meditation into your practice.  Learning how to cut through the chatter and distractions of the conscious mind can only add and therefore enhance and heightening your own ability and therefore the magic you wish to manifest.