Gathering Around the Cauldron


Commencing on 2 April 2020, Gathering Around the Cauldron is specifically designed group that meets on the first Thursday of each month.  These Gatherings are suitable for both novices who may have read a few books and who would like to gain experience by putting this knowledge into practical application, as well as solitaries wishing to enhance their knowledge base and gain experience working with likeminded people.

Each Gathering will include a discussion on various practices and philosophies found within magick, ritual, folklore, myth and contemporary witchcraft, followed by a ritual.  Some gatherings may include a craft making session.

Themes for the 2020 Gatherings will be:
2 April – Setting Ritual Foundations: CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19 GOVERNMENTAL ADVICE
7 May – Samhain and Ancestors: Samhain marks the beginning of winter and the time when the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest.  During this magical time we will undertake a ritual that will enable us to connect and work with spirits and our ancestors.
** Participants to bring a small photograph or keepsake of an ancestor for the altar.
This event was live streamed in a ritual format and is available on my youtube channel.

4 June – Exploring Deity: Explore how the Gods and Goddesses of the world’s traditions are more than the faces and names we give them. Go beyond the myths and find the inter-connectedness of various pantheons through energies and not images. Learn how understanding their essence can break down the confines of how we view our own spirituality.
**This event will now take the form of a Zoom call discussion. 

2 July – A Witch’s Familiar: Traditionally a familiar is a spiritual helper, usually in animal form, that is often used in healing or to aid and guide the witch in their magical practice.  Tonight we learn to (re)connect with our own familiars, or power animals.

SPECIAL: 1 August – Imbolc and making a Cros Bride: CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19 GOVERNMENTAL ADVICE

6 August – Magick of the Elements: Explore the four elements, earth, air, fire and water, and their place within contemporary witchcraft from elemental watchtowers to magical tools. Learn how to manifest the four elemental powers in your circle and in your life. Discover the four powers of the sphinx and gain a deeper appreciation of what “to know, to dare, to will and to keep silent” means within the magical circle.

3 September – Candle Magick and Manifesting: Discover how this easy and simple, yet powerful, form of magick can benefit your life.  Learn to create your own candle spells and perform a special group candle manifestation spell.
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1 October – Moon Magick: On the eve of the full moon we will be exploring how witches use the power of the moon to influence their spells and the effect it has on our magical rites as well as our own lives.  Every month the moon cycles through different astrological signs, each effecting us in different ways.  Discover how you can tap into these energies in order to bringing greater success to your spellcraft and magical workings.
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5 November – Cord Magick: Witches use cords in a variety of ways within their Craft, from simple binding to storing energy in the creation of a “Witch’s Ladder”.  Discover how to incorporate the use of cords in your magical working as well as how to make your own ritual cord and explore the differing techniques of how to use cords within magical workings. **Participants will be required to bring with them a piece of new cord 2.7 metres in length.
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3 December – Summer and the Fae: December brings with it the witch’s sabbat of the summer solstice, the time of the shortest night and longest day, and when the fae is most active.  Join us as we craft our magick for the upcoming Summer Solstice and explore the realm of the fae folk.
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::  Most Gathering Around the Cauldon events cost only $20.00 (except for the Imbolc event).
:: As there are limited places available, it is essential that you prepay to secure your place. If you prefer to pay via direct deposit then email us no less than five days prior to the event for these details.