Elements of Witchcraft

Elements of Witchcraft offers the opportunity for the seeker, novice or solitary to meet with likeminded people and gain some practical insight into the world of contemporary witchcraft through discussion, theory and practical application.

:: What is are the differences between “witch”, “wiccan”, “witchcraft” and “Wicca”? Are there any?
:: How did contemporary witchcraft come about? What is its true history, its founders, and influencers?
:: What are differences between the hemispheres? Do these differences really matter or have an impact upon magick?
:: Is witchcraft only about spells?
:: Is anything else needed to create a spell aside from “intent”? What is “intent” actually?
:: Who are the Gods of contemporary witchcraft? Do they really matter? Can I be an atheist witch or a Christian witch?
:: Why is aligning yourself with the seasonal festivals and observances important in this modern world?
:: Does following a “tradition” have any relevance in our modern world? After all, all the secrets are available now, right?
and more.

Bring your questions, your thoughts, a list of your favourite authors or bloggers and spend a couple of hours discussing, sharing and learning what there is to know about witchcraft.

Time: 10:30am to 12:30pm
Venue: Carpe Diem, Port Adelaide
Cost: $40 (plus Eventbrite fees of $1.42)

All attendees will go into the draw to win a prize donated by LunaNoire Creations.

Limited places available so book your place through Eventbrite.