13 Lessons in Wytchery

The Temple of the Dark Moon believes that if a person has a genuine interest in the ancient teachings of magick and contemporary witchcraft that these teachings should be available to them.  Due to the various interpretations of these ancient teachings, we have devised a comprehensive on-line course that contains material suitable for both the Southern Hemispheric neophyte (where we are located) as well as the Northern Hemispheric neophyte.

13 Lessons in Wytchery consists of comprehensive lectures that expose the student to a various practices of magic, spirituality, and contemporary witchcraft.  These lectures are provided monthly in PDF format that is suitable for printing out and adding to the creation of a personal Book of Shadows.  At the end of the course 13 Lessons in Wytchery will total over 200 A4 pages.

Through the study of the lectures contained within 13 Lessons in Wytchery, the student will obtain knowledge into the ancient teachings of magick, ritual and contemporary witchcraft.  Each lecture received will contain exercises for the student to practice, while other lectures may focus on writing or even the creation of art.  Students will be expected to record their experiences with this work in a personal journal as well as participate in the online forums.

The subjects covered in 13 Lessons in Wytchery include:
:: Origins of Magick and Contemporary Witchcraft
:: Creating a Sacred Space and Aspecting the Divine
:: The Elements: Building Blocks of the Universe
:: Magickal Working Tools, Meditation and Visualisation
:: Ritual Work and Casting of a Magickal Circle
:: Working with the Seasonal Wheel of the Year
:: The Triple Goddess – Maiden, Mother and Crone
:: Defence of the Horned God
:: Magickal Correspondences and Natural (Herbal) Magick
:: Understanding White, Grey and Black Magick
:: Writing Rituals and Spell Casting

and much more.

Upon completion of 13 Lessons in Wytchery, the student should have extensive knowledge of the ancient teachings of magick and contemporary witchcraft to confidentially practise as a solitary or to the level of “First Degree”**.

The cost of 13 Lessons in Wytchery is $190 AUD single payment for the entire course (13 months) with payment to be made through Paypal.  Alternatively, monthly payments of $20 AUD can be made here.

13 Lessons in Wytchery has been written and will be personally supervised by the Temple of the Dark Moon‘s own High Priestess, Frances Billinghurst, who founded the Temple in 1999 after having already then been studying various metaphysical and occult sciences for a number of years.  An initiated 3rd degree witch and High Priestess of contemporary witchcraft, Frances is also trained in Hermetic/ceremonial magick and has an interest in traditional witchcraft (ie, non-Gardnerian) as well as Goddess spiritual practices.  A prolific writer, Frances is the author of Dancing the Sacred Wheel: A Journey through the Southern Sabbats and In Her Sacred Name: Writings on the Goddess, and editor of Call of the God: An Anthology Exploring the Divine Masculine within Modern Paganism, as well as having contributed essays to over 20 publications around the globe as well as an increasing number of anthologies.

** Please note that this course only takes that student TO the level of “first degree” – it does NOT make the student a “first degree” initiate of contemporary wytchcraft.  This is because within contemporary Wytchcraft initiations are undertaken in the physical.