Welcome to the web page of the Temple of the Dark Moon.

We are an active “progressive” Alexandrian influenced based coven located just 20 minutes north of Adelaide’s CBD in South Australia. We follow the initiatory degree system found within contemporary (traditional initiatory) Wytchcraft as well as other ethics central to this spiritual path, with the emphasis being placed on Southern Hemisphere.  We also include other spiritual and magickal practices within our workings in order to assist with the individual spiritual growth of each member.

Following a spiritual path in the modern age can be a challenge at the best of time, yet necessary if we desire to embrace all that is offered to us within this life time.  Magick is naturally around us, interweaving all aspects of our life.  It always has been and will always continue to be so.  We have just forgotten our way.

Awareness into this mystical magickal realm can occur at any time and to anyone.  What training offers is a more reliable and longer (and even deeper) experience into this realm.

We are mindful of the words of the Goddess whose advises us within the lines of the “Charge of the Goddess” to … 

Keep pure your highest ideals; strive ever towards them,
et naught stop you nor turn you aside.

To all prospective students of the Temple of the Dark Moon, and indeed to anyone who wishes to follow the path of the contemporary Wytchcraft, we ask:

  • What are YOUR purest ideal?
  • What is the desire in YOUR heart, your Highest Self?
  • Are you following your own purest ideal, or is ego getting in the way?

The Temple of the Dark Moon offers a variety of training for those who are interested in learning our ways, or who wish to gain a deeper connection with the natural world around them through the ancient earth-centric mysteries.

You are invited to email the Temple of the Dark Moon.  In order to receive a response to your email, the following protocols should be observed:
:: Select most appropriate query subject line,
:: Introduce yourself,
:: Provide a brief background regarding your query.

Be patient.  Depending on commitments, a response may take up to a fortnight to be received.



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