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Dancing the Sacred Wheel:
A Journey through the Southern Sabbats

Specifically written for the Southern Hemisphere, Dancing the Sacred Wheel: A Journey through the Southern Seasons provides a guide through the eight traditional Pagan seasonal celebrations while challenging the reader to consider why certain elements are included in their seasonal rites.

Due to the first release selling out within eight months, to be notified when the second release of Dancing the Sacred Wheel will be available, join our mailing list.

LunaNoire Creations

Goddess Moon Devotional Rosaries are available in two styles (lunar month and 3x3) with an assortment of crystal focal beads and charms to chose from.

The use of devotional beads date back to at least the 3rd century BCE and even today are used by numerous traditions. Known as rosaries, mala, misbaha and even worry beads, they are often used in prayer and meditation practices.

LunaNoire Creations offers an array of specifically handcrafted devotional rosaries, from Goddess Moon rosaries to devotional beads for a specific deity.

Devotional beads in honour of Kuan Yin available in amethyst, green jade and rose quartz combinations with genuine lotus seeds.


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Welcome to the web page of the Temple of the Dark Moon. We are an active "progressive" Alexandrian coven located just 20 minutes north of Adelaide's CBD in South Australia. We follow the initiatory degree system found within traditional Wicca as well as other ethics central to this religious and spiritual path. We also include other spiritual and magickal practices within our workings in order to assist with the individual spiritual growth of each member.

Amongst the pages of our web site, we offer some general introductory information about Paganism, and in particular how it relates to traditional initiatory Wicca, as well as information specifically connected to the Southern Hemisphere. We offer a variety of training for those who are interested in learning our ways, or who wish to gain a deeper connection with the natural world around them through the ancient earth-centric mysteries.

If you are new to, or would like to find out some more information about Wicca and Paganism in general, we recommend you read Paganism: Different Religion, Similar Belief and Is Wicca the right Spiritual Path for Me?

We also recommend reading Teachers of the Craft from Witches Voice if you are looking for a Wiccan teacher/mentor as it provides some good advice for the novice seeker. Similarly, you can contact our own High Priestess.

Monday Night Meditations, 7:30pm to 8:45pm at The Goddess House, Parafield Gardens.

(held every Monday evenings except for public holidays)

Recover from the busy weekends by feeling grounded and focused for the week ahead by attending these weekly non-secular meditations. Explore subtle metaphysical themes such as charging your energy centres (chakras), aligning your astral bodies, as well as gaining insight into your place in the greater scheme of themes.

Located at the rear of a private residence in Parafield Gardens, these weekly meditations are open to all.

Held every Monday events (except for public holidays), 7:30pm to 8:45pm.
Cost: $10.00
Email: Frances for more information or leave a message on 0401 967 754.

(Wednesday, 14 May 2014)

Once again, the Temple of the Dark Moon will include the international Hekate Her Sacred Fires with the May Full Moon Gathering. This event is free and open to the public.

Participants are required to bring a red candle that will be lit from the sacred fires of Hekate to be burnt within their own homes. Candles can be purchased on the night for a small donation that will go to Fauna Rescue.

Book now through the WEA Adult Learning Association - www.wea-au.com.au.

(Sunday, 25 May 2014)

Learn how to become a mystic is this modern age. From understanding ancient alphabets, to discovering the hidden meanings contained within symbols that are commonly used today, this workshop takes you into the practices of the mystics and shamans of old.

Throughout the day we will explore the various purposes of metaphysical uses of crystals and herbs to make our own charm bags, amulets and talismans that will aid our lives by attracting prosperity, peace and harmony, enhancing study , portection and inner strength. Participants will also make their own "prayer ladder" and be taken through a candle blessing rite that they can perform in their own homes.

More information about this full day workshop and bookings can be made through the WEA Adult Learning Association where this workshop will be held.

Book now through the WEA Adult Learning Association - www.wea-au.com.au.

(Sunday, 27 July 2014)

Fascinated about ancient Egypt? Curious about their numerous Gods and mystical star-aligned pyramids? Then enhance your life through learning how to re-enact some of the ancient Egyptian spiritual practices known as "heka". From exploring sacred texts, discover how these ancient practices can still be of benefit today.

More information about this full day workshop and bookings can be made through the WEA Adult Learning Association where this workshop will be held.


The Goddess House - Honouring the Divine Feminine in the Modern Age

The Goddess House (est. 2007) offers an assortment of 1/2 workshops throughout 2014 as part of its Sacred Goddess Circles. Each workshop creates a sacred space whereby discussion of myth and lore on a particular aspect of the Goddess is undertaken, followed by connection via meditation and devotional acts.

The themes for future Sacred Goddess Circles are as follows and a brochure containing all dates can be downloaded here.

  • Saturday, 14 June: Regaining Our Hidden Power and Strength with the Underworld Goddesses: Journey with us into the hidden depths where we will face our shaodes and open ourselves up to be transformed under the protective guidance of the ancient Goddess from Mesopotamia, India and Greece.

  • Saturday, 12 July: Compassion of Kuan Yin

  • Saturday, 9 August: Hekate: Threefold Goddess of the Crossroads

  • Saturday, 13 September: Goddess of the Green - Herbal Healing

  • Saturday, 11 October: Lakshmi Puja (Hindu Goddess of prosperity, fortune and beauty)

  • Saturday, 8 November: Healing with Hathor

  • A free downloaded brochure containing all these workshops can be found here.

    More details relating to the above Sacred Goddess Circles can be found on The Goddess House.

    If you would like to assist in the organising of a Sacred Goddess Circle in your area, please contact the Priestess in Residence about how such events can be brought to you.


    During the Winter months (from April through to October), the Temple of the Dark Moon offers Full Moon Gatherings to the general public. These gatherings are held in the beautiful Adelaide Botanic Park and are open to Pagan and non-Pagan alike. The dates for the 2014 Gatherings wil be made available in the new year.

    For information as to what is involved during these public rituals, as well as guidelines as to conduct yourself within a public ritual hosted by the Temple of the Dark Moon, can be found with the "Library of Articles" section".


    For nearly 10 years we have provided an assortment of workshops on magical, mystical and metaphysical topics. From working with Celtic and Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, through to crafting spells and amulets, as well as introductions to the qabalah and esoteric Numerology. A complete list of these workshops can be found here.

    If you have missed out on any of these workshops, or would like to help organise one in your area, please contact us about repeating or bringing some of these events to you.

    For further information about anything on this web site, please contact us at:

    Temple of the Dark Moon
    PO Box 2451

    Email: Temple of the Dark Moon

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